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Forum Challenge Event V Thread:


Say what now?! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

The chance at free loot… Always welcomed.
Your King… Still laughing :joy::rofl::joy:


King @littleKAF?

Question: as I read we are allowed one screenshot entry. Can we update the screenshot if we get a better one? Or just wait and post at the end?

If you improve upon your previous entry, instead of making a duplicate post, simply edit your previous one with a new image.

From here, so yes just edit your post and insert the picture with your improved egg-score


Ah, thanks. I missed that somehow.

@littleKAF so the sprnigvale event will start on 3/29?

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The event sounds fun! I love manipulating the boards and making interesting things out of it.


Only 3 winners?! Given the amount of people registered on forum, the chance of winning a pack of flasks is even lower than summoning a the coolest hero from that event. Seriously, 3 winners is WAY too low.


Hey guys, here’s the idea from Russian community - why give away all the three flasks to each person?

First winner should get the red one, second - the blue one, and the third - the titan flask!

So, SO greedy…
Are you kidding? The flasks’ value is close to ‘nothing’…
Chance of winning should be at least 50%, if you want this to work for big audience.


Discobot chooses the winners so don’t really matter if you get a better looking pic.
Aslong as your pic has 3 eggs in it all that matters.


I’m just the messenger. @Petri is the king.

Yes. That’s what’s been done in the past. People have updated and added new shots. I’ve monitored them.


That is my understanding.

And of course we should not edit any of your changes in our comments,right @littleKAF ?

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Yes. I don’t really make edits except noting if I’d tallied up multiple wins.

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Three lucky ones! Only three! This is very small! Make more lucky ones please !!


Kudos on a nice idea to make the community have some fun.


  • the reward is close to nothing
  • the reward is nearly for nobody.

Add those two points up and it means the rewards are reaaaaaally bad.

It would be cooler if SG provided better rewards, but again, thanks for the idea.


Please, please, please… I implore you - Don’t shoot.

The reward of 3x flask packs awarded to random challenge event participants is not new. This is event #5 :sweat:. Yes it would be nice to get more loot - would that make it funner? Perhaps for the winners :thinking:. Would it entice more people to take part?! More people missing out and then venting on the forum that they missed out, or somehow Discobot was compromised in their winner selection :dizzy_face:?! It’s never ending :sweat:.

But I digress… Thank you @littleKAF. Keep up the great work! :two_hearts:


The challenge is awesome for community, we appreciate the chance to gain something for free from SG, but only 3 winners it’s too low, very low chances, if only 3 lucky people will win, so the reward could be better

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ONLY three! This is LOL! Even more greedy if I expect) No fun. What is a problem to give flasks to all participants?

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How about a reward that is quality of life improving. Giving people more opportunity to grind is not a reward. Emblems would be so much better.

@Guvnor @Staff_SGG @littleKAF
Can you or anyone show some images here of this “egg drop” we will be looking for?

Enemies drop the eggs? Or it’s in tiles?
Something else?

Could you possibly post a short video of what we are looking for? When to take the pic?

I don’t mind seeking more information.
Hoping someone can provide it.

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