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This should be clarified. Should there be only one post with one screenshot proving that you were able to accomplish the challenge, or one post with several screenshots evidence, or several post each with different screenshot.

EDIT: Nevermind. I fully understood it now. The issue now is, how will Discobot be able to determine whether such post may have only a single entry or several entries?

Does this help?

Just looking for one post. I’d think only one screenshot would be necessary.

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I plan on doing this manually. So if I count 5 diamonds, I’ll reply to your post twice, giving you a total of 3 entries.

This will be more work, but I think I can do it.



So, you’re only allowed one post.

But… The more diamonds you have, the more potential entries you will receive.

3 diamonds - 1 entry
4 diamonds - 2 entries
5 diamonds - 3 entries

10 diamonds - 8 entries. Etc

Adjudication could get messy… Thanks for volunteering @littleKAF :kissing_heart:


Yep. I’m a glutton for punishment. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I just hope people enjoy it. I’ve heard people say “it doesn’t matter - all random so just need minimum.” Now it matters a bit more.

Again, just for fun. A small prize to play for.


I suppose you will do it once the challange is over, right ?

Dang @littleKAF! At this rate, I think dumping slips of paper in a hat might be easier :rofl:

Not certain. May do it periodically. I can edit posts and track what I do. Plus I can see if others edit a post.

But less transparent. And my hand will get sore. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Why anyone who does 4 diamond and more not post multiple entry?.. @Danaur, @EVO

I was planning on posting replies for multiple entries for them. I haven’t done this yet. Part of my QC is to check that people don’t have multiple posts on the thread. I’m making this up as I go along if you can’t tell. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Oh my friend…

I’m sure Kaffy said you’re only allowed one post per forum user :wink:. That is the rule right?

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Wait! I assumed you’d adjudicate at the close of the event, so I posted my entry early? Is this not your plan? I’m still trying for 3+ diamonds and will edit my post with any improved screen shots🤔.

So here is what I plan to do. Say you have a post with five diamonds. I plan to do the following:

  • reply once saying “here is entry 2 for fourth diamond”
  • reply again saying “here is entry 3 for fourth diamond”
  • modify the original post and state “moderator edited for three entries”

By doing that, I can verify that each person only has one post (initial entry). I have done this behind the scenes on the other events to verify everyone has the correct number of entries.

I can also review edits to the posts. This allows me to (1) see if a post has been updated with a new image and more diamonds and (2) make sure someone doesn’t edit one of my edits to say that they had less entries - that would be cheating.

So yes, I’m hoping everyone only has one posts. That allows me to use the tools I have to verify the entries.


Ok, @littleKAF :slight_smile: thx

@littleKAF, I do not understand, so how to determind to get better odd from this?

EDIT: I see now, entry represented by moderator reply.
OK, sorry English is not my mother language.

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Oh perish the thought! :wink:

Still seems like a lot of work. Thank you in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:. I’d wait for the event to close and then allocate entries. You are more diligent then me.

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Not a problem. To clarify, I did just modify the posts to date accordingly. So you can see what I did.

Is there a better way? Probably. :man_shrugging:


No, you are right, I think it is the best way, because if anyone can multi-post, it could be a duplicate and hard to trace.

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Obviously I took the screen grab just before the 4 diamond was made but cascades gonna happen

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