Forum Challenge Event III

:balloon: Third Forum Challenge Event Has Arrived!!!

:scroll: Here ye here ye! As thy kingdom is celebrating the harvest and becoming more festive, it hast been declared by proclamation that we shall have a third Forum Challenge Event.

As with the previous Forum Challenge Event, your moderator team and SGG staff will provide a quirky goal to try and complete. Our objective is to provide all players the opportunity to test their skills in an unusual way.

Three lucky participants that complete the challenge will win a small In-game gift.

The gift for this event will be one Energy Pack!
  • 1 World Energy Flask
  • 1 Raid Energy Flask
  • 1 Titan Energy Flask

Who’s ready for the third challenge?

The third challenge is to take a screen shot during the 2020 Return to Morlovia seasonal event with 4 or more pumpkin bombs on your board at the end of a turn.

:man_office_worker: Now for the rules.

  1. To enter, create one post in this thread with clear images demonstrating successful completion of the challenge.
  2. Place only one post. Duplicate posts may be subject to disqualification. For discussion or to comment on entries, please see the link at the end of this post.
  3. After the conclusion of Return to Morlovia Seasonal Quest, three posts will be randomly selected. SGG will reach out to these people with their prize.
  4. Have fun!

Feedback and thoughts on this challenge or the Forum Challenge Event in general is welcome at the thread linked below. Please tell us what you think, offer feedback, or suggest potential future challenges.

Forum Challenge Event Discussion

Let the games begin!


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