Forum Challenge Event II

Team cost 30 - brought 10 mini mana but didn’t use. Stacked with 2 (!) Aifes, so no way I could lose!

CRen was the main damage dealer and did a great job mana controlling the bosses, staying filled on mana even when there were no purple tiles; this also meant I could send off-color cascades without much fear to work the board to purple. Gil-ra did a nice job of softening them up and blunting the boss hits. I took Bjorn to hit them hard, but he was the first leveled hero to die, so all he really contributed was getting me to the final stage with minimal damage, as he nuked mobs in stage 1 and 2.

In all seriousness, the Aifes were quite useful in the first level as disposable damage sponges. The hits they took didn’t affect the heroes I was invested in, allowing me to survive. It also meant that I had another color of tile damage, even though it was minor, so off-color cascades did some minor damage.

This was fun and helped me save even more heroes for later in TOL.

Video here if anyone cares.


Fun challenge! Didn’t use any items. Confirmed that I should level costume Renfeld (as much as his face creeps me out, lol).



Here’s my entry! Like @yelnats_24 I went with just a single hero (promise I didn’t copy, just delayed in doing video edit & uploading haha).

No items used just a long… Long long long fight lol.




6eDOo49MFi.jpeg) this is mine…


Here is my shot. That Grevel is pretty good - need to level him up. But Tuck was my tank!!!

One disappointment is I brought the wrong mana potions. Wasted a big pot when I little would work.


Thought I’d bust out my OG Sharan, but she only lasted two hits on the first mob stage. Oh well, Alfrike got the job done with the use of a few minor mana and healing potions


Thanks to all who played. We hope you enjoyed this forum challenge event and had fun playing the game slightly different, whether you win the prize or not.

As of this post, this event is officially closed. Not counting posts 1-4, there are 23 entries. To select the winners, we will use our trusty friend Discobot to roll a 27 sided die three times. The post numbers that are randomly selected will be our winners (assuming said person only posted once in this thread). If posts 1-4 is rolled (the instructions and bumps), that individual die will be rerolled.

Here we go!!!

@discobot roll 3d27


:game_die: 20, 15, 19

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Congratulations @C4RO, @Math-Teacher, and @Olmor!!!

Each of you have won the second #forumchallengeevent and one energy pack!!! Someone from SGG will be in contact with you soon on this prize.

And thanks again til next time.

Remember, feedback, including thoughts on future challenges, can be shared in the discussion thread linked below.

Forum Challenge Event Discussion


Twenty gracious bows

Question @littleKAF: How will SG contact the winners?

Edit: By DM.


Man, I should’ve posted my maxed 1* team beating all those legendaries’ butts.

Too late for the event :confused:

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My understanding is SGG reached out to each winner last time. I believe it was an in-game email. I would expect that.

You can always share images when you get your prize. One of the winners in the inaugural one is in my alliance and she shared a screen shot with me. Plus SGG told me when they did it. I think it was about a week after, maybe two.

@Olmor already shared it in the discuisson thread:


Awesome!!! It was fast this time. I’ve been off most of the day so I’m catching up.


Thanks! I didn’t know DM’s worked at all, which is why I asked. Staff can DM I’ve learned.

Waiting in-game but that’s no issue. I was more concerned digging up whatever email/password I used for this forum.


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