Forum Challenge Event I

:frog: :rofl:


Well, I was all cocky. Here I go mono purple and no items.

Here’s what I got out the gate.

It didn’t end well.

So I went again. And got this opportunity.

Still couldn’t do it. I used two axes this time
But refused more.

So I gave in. 4-1 no items.

I thought Vlad would be good as he deals no direct damage. Nope - he just sucks himself. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:



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Thanks to all who played. We hope you enjoyed this forum challenge event and had fun playing the game slightly different, whether you win the prize or not.

As of this post, this event is officially closed. Not counting post 1, there are 43 entries. To select the winners, we will use our trusty friend Discobot to roll a 44 sided die three times. The post numbers that are randomly selected will be our winners (assuming said person only posted once in this thread). If post 1 is rolled (the instructions), that individual die will be rerolled.

Here we go!!!

@discobot roll 3d44


:game_die: 2, 7, 31


Congratulations @yelnats_24, @Radar1, and @MOSTRA!!!

Each of you have won the inaugural #forumchallengeevent and one energy pack!!! Someone from SGG will be in contact with you soon on this prize.

And thanks again til next time.

Remember, feedback, including thoughts on future challenges, can be shared in the discussion thread linked below.

Forum Challenge Event Discussion


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