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I liked the first challenge and this could be interesting but the “use it and lose it” nature of the Tavern makes this a bit more of a gamble than last time. Especially with unleveled low star heroes, ie: paper tigers.

Just genuinely curious, how did testing go pre-announcement? What was your subjective assessment of difficulty? Easier/harder than expected?

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I do have a list of potential challenges. I’m open for suggestions on others too.

One of the challenges with these events is not being too restrictive. I was originally thinking an all 2* team so I tried it last event and had to use a good number of items to survive. It’s not the mob levels, but the boss.

Noting the “one-shot” nature and this wasn’t tested in beta, there wasn’t much testing, which is why I try to err on the easier side. I also want it open to more players.

Personally, I’m skeptical that unlevelled heroes will take the needed hit. You can always use a lot of items, but I find it more fun not doing it that way unless absolutely needed.

I’m thinking 3-3* and a 2*, all fully leveled, is the ticket. I think a 3* on ascension 1 could work too, but they’d more so be for color stacking and survival
of the other heroes.

Another factor - we don’t k ow who the boss will be.

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Another thing. I think some players may be able to get higher if they use less than 5 heroes on the earlier levels. I was hoping this challenge event would open that concept up to some people.

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Don’t worry, my strongest team always become backup team in case I fail a stage. As of now, they never participate in Taverns of Legends because I never fail a stage. Besides, Tyr is a hero I recently got so this will be his debut.

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This is interesting and something I know I had never considered. Could be opening a brave new world lol.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s tough to find that balance, and if it takes a few tries we’re not necessarily boned for later stages since they’re probably lower heroes lost. Should be a good challenge.

Yeah, that was kinda my deduction too, especially since it would take some time to chip away at two 2900 hp bosses without any real oomph behind my hits. Some of the suggestions with unleveled heroes just got me wondering how that could be possible, iirc stage 3 was hitting pretty good on maxed 3* last time. Think I’m gonna stick with maxxed extras too.

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Hey @yelnats_24 I did the same concept haha!!
Had a 15 minute long fight with no items :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Will upload to YouTube in a bit for my submission (and delete this post then too)


This is the discussion thread. No need to delete.


Originally had typed on the other thread and thought better of posting there.

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Wow - that’ll be tough to beat!

Has been interesting seeing peoples thought processes on this. I’d considered using my unlevelled Baldur with Brienne and health pots but chickened out.

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Bummer. Finished all of Taverns before I saw this.

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Sorry you missed it. We knew that was a risk with this one. We tried out best to bump the topic so people would see it, but not surprised we didn’t get all. Look for future challenges.

Awww I rush-finished the tournament before seeing this thread (was deprived from the forums)! Can I get a consolation entry for still making it with TP 1858 (2 items used)? Minor mana pot, maybe? :joy:

My ineligible entry 😭

I’m a huge fan.

Competed with no items.

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I use less emblems :wink:

I use Tyr solo.
You use Telluria solo.
I wonder if @Homaclese notice this challenge and use Noor solo. :joy:

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I reckon Noor might almost be easier…

Beafier minions and will insta remove Delilah’s minions…

Half of what took so long was that Telly just does no damage…

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I have a 3.70 Noor. I’ll give it a go. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Just run thru the “op” heroes… Vela and GM next time :joy::joy::joy::joy:

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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