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You right, that was my 8 or 9 attempt, I decide that only way to do it is to have no purple monster in 1st wave and no more than one in second (so no items went easy)

I was lucky enough to didn’t get any purple monster (what makes my run totally not spectatular) but there is nothing in rules saying that you need to kill at least 1 purple enemy or something so I decide to post it

Also in first try with mono purple I bring purple enemys health to 300 something but I gave because it took too long and I used most of my healing


Lol, I did not mentioned it was purple reflected color… :man_facepalming: But can handled, because it is stage 1, not so difficult the last bosses stage do not have purple enemies.

Is it acceptable to just spam items lol

No. :blush:

Bonus points to @Twenty8Penguin for using a 2*!

No shame at all, I bet he’s a straight up murderer in certain 3* tourneys

(sorry for the weird cross posting, this comment would’ve gotten moved here anyway :wink:)

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Agreed @Disposable. And I’ve leveled my costume up, two even I think. You can always reset and get those emblems back cheap.

And thanks for the weird cross-post. You’re right, I would have moved it here. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


same here, good hitter and even a usable tank but haven’t put any emblems on 3* yet

I noticed, keeping it tidy :+1:

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Thnx for the heads up

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I think you want the other thread for submissions

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@littleKAF Are edited posts in Forum Challenge Event I also considered as duplicate posts? Just asking so that I can also edit my submitted post if it is alright. Thanks.

No. It’s still just one post.

The no duplicate posts makes it easier for using @discobot and his dice tools to pick the winner based on post number.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I see. Well, I changed my mind. I won’t be editing my post on that thread just to show a better result.

Congratulations @yelnats_24, @Radar1, and @MOSTRA!!!


With a new #forumchallengeevent coming soon, I thought I’d remind people that the discussion thread is here.


Thx I have read the new challenge.
It will be interesting. Maybe it will be more challenging then the previous one :slight_smile:

Maybe. Suggestions are welcome here on ideas. The last one was easier than desired, but also don’t want these to be restricted to the top players, rather open to more people.

I wanted to try something with team cost as that’s probably one of the most under used things in the game.

We debated a little where to set the mark. Ended up at a team cost of 30. Maybe we could have gone lower. We’ll see.

I have already checked it.
If I want to use five heroes, then I can use one 2 star and four 3 star heroes within this team cost.
I have a max emblemed two star for this :smiley: (Layla)

May want to double check math here. A 3* at 3.50 has a team cost of 8. Four 3* has a cost of 32, so exceeds the maximum amount. You would be limited to three 3* which has a cost of 24.

However, a 2* does have a team power of 6. So you can use three 3* and one 2*. And that is where the team cost of 30 came from.

I’d note that five 2* heroes also has a team power of 30. And emblems don’t affect team cost. Also, there could be other permutations with 4* and 5* heroes, not to mention 5*-3.70 which has a lower team cost than 5*-4.80 (maybe there’s a difference at 2.60 or with 4* heroes, not sure).

We considered 24 (three 3* or four 2*) but didn’t go this low. After, it would be interesting if people think we should have. And also how does the challenge fit the ToL format (where you can’t repeat a level - another reason not to go to extreme).

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