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I got messed up on 1st try. I had to laugh at this.

Will play around again later, but how do you overcome a full bank of purple monster?


Very slowly. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I was thinking about making the challenge five dark heroes. I didn’t know how it would play - didn’t want it to be too hard as want participation. But yeah, it would be slow.

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I think the only way to complete it mono is with items and nuking any fully dark part which is no fun. Completed it with a 4-1 (did loose 1 hero though)

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Thought I’d expand the challenge and did epic 1 with mono dark. Much easier to do as you have healers, dot and most importantly riposte.

Still took me 7 minutes though

I agree that that is much easier in epic and legendary tiers. But not in rare since you don’t have a healer and a riposte hero there.

So, which do you guys think has the best entry so far?

Forum Challenge Event I

I am afraid to post there because of this:

I personally like this one as it had no items. That said, I also see that the reflect element is not as prevalent as hoped. I fear this one was a bit too easy for what I was going for.

With all due respect, somehow, I have doubts on that. If the damage to be doled out against the mob is not based on any skills or tiles from the purple heroes brought but on the 1 damage caused by each of the non-purple tiles, seeing that it was completed in under 1:10 when it should have been more than that time, unless @Radar1 was lucky enough not to face any purple monster in the first 2 waves. Thought I was just being trolled when he claimed that he didnt use any battle items when he could have used all of them early on. What am I missing here?

Maybe, but the first post was 13.5 seconds into the battle.

Yeah. And I laud him for being able to manipulate the tiles so well that all the purple monsters in the first 2 waves died receiving 1 damage for every non-purple tiles coming their way. That would have been cascades after cascades after cascades of non-purple tiles against those purple monsters (while the purple tiles cascading are only hitting the non-purple monsters). How I wish I could see a video on that and how I wish I can learn @Radar1 secrets on tile manipulation.

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You right, that was my 8 or 9 attempt, I decide that only way to do it is to have no purple monster in 1st wave and no more than one in second (so no items went easy)

I was lucky enough to didn’t get any purple monster (what makes my run totally not spectatular) but there is nothing in rules saying that you need to kill at least 1 purple enemy or something so I decide to post it

Also in first try with mono purple I bring purple enemys health to 300 something but I gave because it took too long and I used most of my healing


Lol, I did not mentioned it was purple reflected color… :man_facepalming: But can handled, because it is stage 1, not so difficult the last bosses stage do not have purple enemies.

Is it acceptable to just spam items lol

No. :blush:

Bonus points to @Twenty8Penguin for using a 2*!

No shame at all, I bet he’s a straight up murderer in certain 3* tourneys

(sorry for the weird cross posting, this comment would’ve gotten moved here anyway :wink:)

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Agreed @Disposable. And I’ve leveled my costume up, two even I think. You can always reset and get those emblems back cheap.

And thanks for the weird cross-post. You’re right, I would have moved it here. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


same here, good hitter and even a usable tank but haven’t put any emblems on 3* yet

I noticed, keeping it tidy :+1:

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Thnx for the heads up

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I think you want the other thread for submissions

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