Forum bug - reply to specific post turns to general reply

Can’t figure out where to post forum related issues, so I figured this was close enough…

Often when I reply to a specific post, it instead result in a generel reply to the thread. This happens both from my computer and my phone. Both running Chrome browser.

If the reply immediately follows the post to which you are replying, it doesn’t show as a specific reply. Seems to be hardwired in the forum code.

I think it also happens on later replies. I’ll make this a general reply, then make a specific reply to your post later, and try to see if it’s indeed the issue in other threads.

I’m replying to @Kerridoc and his user pic has hopefully appeared in the top right corner of my post :roll_eyes:

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One go from my phone…

Previous post not linking to Kerridoc was my fault. Let’s try again. Still seeing his avatar and name as indicating I’m replying to his specific post…

Edit: That obviously worked. Will try from computer later. Sorry for a not very interesting thread. ;D

Least ways you’ve resolved your issue. Happy posting! :grinning:

Here’s another reply to your excellent post in this thread, Kerridoc!

Maybe you’re right, that it’s just when making a reply to the last post in a thread. I think it should show up as a specific reply anyway.

Double-cking other threads, I have multiple replies to specific posts having turned to general replies when posting. I will try to pinpoint under which circumstances this happens.