Forum bug - reply to specific post is hit or miss whether the person gets tagged

I don’t know if this is the right place or not.

The issue is when replying to a specific post it seems completely random whether or not the person will be tagged or if I’ll have to do so manually.

Tried searching all kinds of things with no luck. Anyone know what’s going on or how to get around this? It’s super annoying

I see the same behavior at times, and it doesn’t seem consistent to me, either. For instance, I hit the little reply button to reply to this

but it’s not showing that I’m replying to your post.

If I hit the little reply button again, there you are.

My guess is that it’s a function of the underlying platform (Discourse).

Edit: also FWIW, (I think) forum bugs shouldn’t be in this area, so I’ll move this out to #general-discussion, and someone can move it back if I’m wrong.


Lots of trial, lots of error - doesn’t it work either way? I find tagging @ the person works like a charm. Works well to get our moderator’s attention. @zephyr1 or @rook will know.

Lol… There you are zephyr1 :rofl:.


Replying directly to the post above you won’t show that it’s a reply to a specific post/person.


What’s the solution then? Seems like hitting reply to a specific post should do just that. Forgive me if I’m missing the point.

@zephyr1 FWIW, the whole time I was typing my above message it said I was replying to you, then I hit post and boom, it went away

Right, because you replied to a post directly above yours.

That’s just how it works.

But I still got notified.

Twice, actually, since you also tagged me.

So essentially, if you’re replying to the most recent post, the tag won’t show but the tagged person will still be notified? That’s pretty interesting

Yeah, that seems to be exactly how it works.

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Another approach is to quote something. But if you quote the full thing and it’s above you, I believe it deletes the quotes.



I thought it was anytime you quoted the whole post.

But you are correct, only immediately above.


This has always bugged me ( looking at you fabulously famously fast fingered forum Rigs ).

Learning so much


Excellent, I finally understand.

So this is a setting that can be edited on this forum by mods and seems to be implemented by default to reduce visual noise. Despite the tag not being shown, the person is still notified as normal.

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