Forum AMA's Happening Again? (See post 2)

Does empires and puzzles have an Ask Me Anything topic or has a structure AMA happended with the devs before. I know there is the how to stalk/follow thread but has there ever been a day or a few hours where the devs were just open to all questions. I only ask cause I see these things with fan bases and as long as we have mods it shouldnt get too hectic right? Scanned the Thread below and saw that tentatively a new AMA was thought to be every 6months is that still the schedule

Mod only AMA?

Also I think that maybe it should be a thing for moderators to just to build more community, I have a feeling that a lot of the people who have played a long time already know each other but AMAs are a great way to keep newer players coming back.

It has happened before:


Thank you I will change the title to reflect.

This is a preparation thread for the new AMA:

Kerridoc has retired from the forum, but you can ask @zephyr1.

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We already did that Community AMA quite a long while ago, and are waiting on a final edit and approval of the transcript from the Small Giant Staff.

I expect we’ll get that some time in January, after the holidays.


Good to know now is a Mod only AMA a possibility talking with all of yall is fun.

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