Fortuna is NOT worth chasing & needs a BUFF!

Fortuna was a rare instance of hero being nerfed significantly from beta version to introduction in the Black Friday portal.

I got her and made video of testing her at 3/70 = Disappointing… so show fellow players to not chase.

Attaching another video of her on defence at +19 & the results are

  • Debuff first is helpful.
  • Damage is a small pin-poke = a shame for a featured hero.
  • Fiends are nothing great & similar to Elizabeth in power / damage while Monster family fiends are more innovative.
  • Attack down is useful.

Fortuna is mostly useless & needs an immediate BUFF ! :grinning::wink:

FYI @Petri


I agree, I don’t have her but I’ve faced her on defense and even fully emblemed and limit broken I feel like she just tickles my team. I do think she’ll probably get buffed when the official event comes around (but who wants to wait like 6 months or so right :sweat_smile:). Hope you can find some use for her!


Fair enough, Kadilen probably hits harder?

But it seems to me that damage output is not the purpose of Fortuna? Fast fiends is always a plus?

I would personally find her useful as an FTP but hey…i wouldn’t know better given my poor roster :sweat_smile::rofl:


I held the scopes for now… and will do some friendly battles when complete Hachiko that I have to see if their partnership works….
Will wait for the buff….to give the scopes….coz, Fortuna hero design is damn good….
That direct damage need big buff….


Thank you for confirming this. So i don’t waste a ten pulls here, will be spending them on TOL for c Hel/perseus


From what I see, she’s just a stronger hannah


She is already very powerful. Fast hitter, dispells before hit, gives nasty fiends… Power creep is already very high in this game. She doesn’t need to be a more terrifying monster.


First, I thought it’s sarcasm (stil not 100% sure it’s not)… if this hero needs a buff, than how about Quintus…


Don’t worry, if anything in this game is certain it is that the new heroes will get buff the second time they are around, regardless of whether they need it or not.

So my advise is DO indeed CHASE like crazy. Zynga managers’ kids surely need some new sport cars for Christmas, and imagine how terrible it will be not to be able to show off the newest hero maxed and limit broken in your defense for these couple days before it is outshined by the Muskeeter family.


There is a really big chance for that.

My two Fortunas waiting for the better future :smiley:


I saw that 10 pull and it was insane haha. I guess in your case she was chasing you.


Damn, :rofl::smiling_imp::rofl:got to see that chase…. Where is it !?

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Check it out here:


I suppose if you have every other hero in the game she wouldn’t be worth it but for those of us who don’t … I’d gladly take her. Reading her card it’s more about her fiends than her direct damage. She can really mess up an opposing hero. Not every hero needs to be a sniper.


A fast dispeller, fiend maker, attack debuffer….and expected to hit like a truck? No thanks. Just because you got her and her damage isn’t on par with Sobek who does nothing else she does doesn’t mean she needs a buff.


yeah i think jove is the better featured hero


That is certain Jove is better than Fortuna.


While I get your point…. It’s not about Fortuna being made a sniper….

  • I am sure you know what sniper’s damage % would be.

About the fiends part, well, Fortuna’ fiends are nothing special…. monster family fiends are innovative, hit harder, as already written.

  • In about 36 days, FIENDs will get a MASSIVE preventive counter, with 2022 HoTM family activation, which will allow their E-Links to work for all allies when 2 family heroes are used.

  • Last 5 HoTMs have anti-Fiend E-Links…. Having just one of them with any other 2022 HoTM will take care of fiends.

  • Tahir, Grace are FAST speed heroes ….


A Zeline with beefy fiends? And way better stats? She’s amazing! Zeline is still awesome and Fortuna is twice as good!


Exactly. It’s about what else she brings to the table. As I said, she may not be worth it if you have all kinds of other heroes available to you. Not every hero needs to do everything. That would be boring. Every raid a nuclear war.

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