🎭 Fortuna - 5* Ice / Blue from Carnival of Gods

Vote this up, I agree - she needs a buff to her damage.

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I pulled her and don’t see why people like her as much as they do. The dispell is nice but Zeline does the same thing along with several 4*s that don’t cost a fortune to level and LB. I’m so think she can be useful but I’m having trouble understanding why people like her with her extremely poor 120% damage which like a slash attack

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because is lot of text agter just 120 %damage and cleanse
she is great, top hero

Love Fortuna, dispell is awesome, damage sucks bad but everyone always forgets the -38% attack the fiend gives it’s owner.

It is a nightmare if you fight her unprepared with a bad board

Because the attack down in perpetuity… Mix in an Arco or freya… And suddenly the damage to your heroes is cut by half…

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