🎭 Fortuna - 5* Ice / Blue from Carnival of Gods

Fortuna has the grounds to be a solid, good hero, she just needs some % changes, definitely for the attack all, and perhaps for fiend HP.

Also, as stated in the buff request the whole gods family bonus needs a rework.

I’ll take a buff, but she definitely does not need it. If they were to give her a buff, I suggest changing her aether 90 power to something else.

Her priority debuff and her fiends are what make her shine.

In this team, she powers up right after Himeros (who takes out any taunter) and clears the way for Chang’e.

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Nah, she does - she was just a pimped up Zeline before, now she’s literally Zeline Costume with fiends…

Her priority dispel means nothing as her damage is nothing.

Damage needs to be upped otherwise it may as well be removed.

Exactly, i never understood even putting tiny damage like her and cleaver have. It makes it easier to dodge and then they don’t even get the fiend. Just drop the damage and change the debuff to something like mana down or defense down and she would be ok, but as is, there are many better ways to drop atk down.

Amen. No fiends so rarely is effective.

Not huge but still welcome


Pointless really, sort of an insult too - what’s 150% damage going to do compared to 120? And the fiend attack matters none, oh well - they still don’t listen.

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Not a big buff, but I don’t think she need it. I have her at 90 lvl and love her so much. This priority display + fiends with attack down are amazing.

I like her too. I use her often… with a second dispeller in ray… I’m considering 2x lb her… but my reservation is that I hate her 2x lb skill of no fiends… it might not be the worst… but it is close.

Yes, this is pretty bad. However, with the new troops fiends are much stronger. The heroes has more health and receive less healing. For that reason, the fiends have more hp, and are harder to be removed.

She is still bad . I have her 2lb and if i have aether reset token, she will get one … Her balance “boost” is ridiculous


My main user for her is dispell and perpetual attack down. I feel that those who don’t like her are using her wrong.


Totally. She has very good synergy with hippo too. She’s very often on my top winning teams

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So if dont like dawa , bane … u cant using them :slight_smile:
U say priority dispell ? Cmon… she is shooting dispell if i use her on enemy dodge , she cleanse maybe half team but Not all dodges… u need dispellers without shooting on that…
It seems u dont use her often :slight_smile:

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In short… yes. If you think, Dawa should go up against hippo, hathor, Medea… then that is on you bro. All of these heroes have a niche… and if you try and square peg a hero… yeah… do better.

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Her hero card is updated with the february balance update.

100% - this is just a bonus. My reg offensive team is Hippo/Def Down/Loki/EoE/Fortuna!!

Amazing team

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Yawn, Fortuna in the bin, give me my damn scopes back.

:joy: that’s the spirt :+1: good call on getting rid of her and getting your scopes back. Feed her to Fletch and post the pic, oh ye, that won’t happen, will it?? :wink:

Give me my scopes for Aegir!
Fortune is a fortune