🎭 Fortuna - 5* Ice / Blue from Black Friday (Masquerade Hero)

Well, dispell first to all at fast speed is very special. Can you name a few?

Still, I agree that fiends could be a bit stronger and a bit more minion hp and 20% dmg… I would go easy on her with buff, since she can affect game significantly. There are soo many dmg dealers currently in game of epic proportions


Hypnos is another example.

I agree that the damage in itself isn’t important for this hero. +50 to +100 more wouldn’t do that major difference and letting him take a position in the team.
They should improve another line of property. E.g. his fiends or changing attack down to something else.

The properties are almond a year old hero :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy gaming

No doubt about it, dispel is great. There’s a decent amount of dispel out there and average speed heroes work at a similar speed with good troops.

I just think her Fiends can do more. Give us something new! Her special is almost a carbon copy of stuff we’ve seen before…Hannah, Cleaver, Zeline…

Zeline is old, but for fun let’s compare them! If you don’t consider order of special or stats, they are actually similar. Fast mana, dispels all, does damage to all and gives -attack.

If Zeline had a costume, I imagine it would look like Fortuna…maybe that’s her under the mask?


Thats why Zeline was one of the best heroes and still usable today on offense…

And Fortuna is upgraded Zeline with best stats to date :wink:

btw nice comparison


Here are my thoughts.

Fortuna is going to be one of the best utility heroes in the game. She can counter 3 different aspects of the game.

  1. Fast dispel for taunters, dodge, beserk(m&m)
  2. Fiends that negate part of the crazy healers and will be great against HoT
  3. Attack down right before a special fires. (Especially against big hitters like khufus, cPanther, Guan Yu, etc.)

I dont plan on banking on her damage and it is a nice little bonus. I like going 3-1-1 in the vast majority wars, raids, and tournaments. I am sure Ill use her as a 1 in a lot of my attacks.

Side note, personally, I find Cleaver and Hannah pretty annoying to face especially if Im not able to get my specials to fire.

Conclusion she will be a stud for my roster, and Im excited to use her once she is leveled!


Nope, at least not always. I tested against dodge now.
E.g. against the cat (Bastet), waited her to fire and then I fired. All heroes that that dodged, they were not dispelled from dodge or other buff they had.

I believe it is the same way for all heroes with dispell.

Happy gaming

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Fortuna’s original design was shield and spear! A masked goddess who balances defense and attack

But I think SG didn’t take advantage of this special point when designing her skills

The image design of this family has many opposing ideas. I hope that the abilities of the heroes of the mask family that have not yet been launched will be more interesting.


Yes you are correct. We are at the mercy of the dodge percentage muhahaha.
What I mean is it gives an opportunity to dispel dodge, doesnt mean it’s a great opportunity but better than having no opportunity.

Happy gaming :v:

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Now that would be a nice change, if instead of dispel she removed all buffs and stacks from all enemies.

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Fortuna was a rare instance of hero being nerfed significantly from beta version to introduction in the Black Friday portal.

I got her and made video of testing her at 3/70 = Disappointing… so show fellow players to not chase.

Attaching another video of her on defence at +19 & the results are

  • Debuff first is helpful.
  • Damage is a small pin-poke = a shame for a featured hero.
  • Fiends are nothing great & similar to Elizabeth in power / damage while Monster family fiends are more innovative.
  • Attack down is useful.

Fortuna is mostly useless & needs an immediate BUFF ! :grinning::wink:


Why is 78% of the vote saying Sword path? Was that pre-nerf? Seems like she should be Shield path all day. I’ll take the buff ASAP @dansing :wink:


Sword path bcoz her starting defence is good… it will improve as there are mandatory shields on the way….
sword path will improve her Attack…. which is what got nerfed with that damage % reduction from the beta numbers…

When I emblem her, it will be sword path.

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What other hero has priority dispel ALL at fast speed? I can only think of Zeline, but she dispels last, so Fortuna is unique in this regard (as she should be for an extremely rare special hero).

Yes she was significantly nerfed from beta, but that doesn’t mean she’s become useless. She would be an amazing utility hero as part of a 4-1, 3-1-1, or even 3-2 stack. I feel like people here severely underestimate just how crippling a -36% attack debuff is to the defenders, it basically turns Zhang Fei into Chao just to put that into context.

What she does do she does really well, and that is keep your entire team alive when the opening board sucks and you can’t get your main stack rolling. If you can match 8 or 7 blue tiles, you’ve just bought yourself at least 4-5 more rounds of tile play, assuming no dodge/evade or healing business.

If I pulled her, she’d probably replace Tethys and fit really well in my rainbow raid team, and I can go for pure damage in the other 3 colors since priority dispel means I no longer need to worry about taunters.

You’re right in that she’s probably not the most suited for defense in her current form, but she will absolutely make you cry in any bloody battle tourney, especially one without greens. And to say that she has minimal utility is just plain wrong.

See my answer above. If you look at each line of her special in isolation, yes I’d tend to agree. But when taken together and in context, I think she’s a must have as part of a 4-1 or even 3-1-1 stack. In fact the more you stack, the more important she becomes.

I completely agree, thank you for some voice of reason in this sea of insanity.


I like to compare Fortuna with Hypnos who is another priority dispeller who can fire his second charge in 9 tiles (functionally fast)? Hypnos does 200% more damage (320% vs 120%) and creates enemy buff prevention as opposed to Fortuna’s fiends that cripple enemy attack. Which is more useful is probably subjective, but I would take Hypnos if I had to choose.

Another comparison is Louhi, who is average speed instead of fast but does 130% more damage (250% vs 120%) and cripples defense instead of attack. I do find DD more useful so I’d probably also go Louhi, particularly if I have the right troop to make Louhi fire after 3 tile matches.

Just my personal opinions, I don’t have Fortuna but just sharing my analysis based on the priority dispellers that I do have :thinking:


I think she should work really well with Cleaver. Try shaking both fiends off, both coming thick and fast.

She is simply weak. thats all about her

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I wouldn’t worry about it. SG will quickly boost heroes that should be cash cows while they take forever to nerf (if they even nerf) overpowered heroes. I’m sure Fortuna will see a nice buff in the near future so anyone who has her should probably level her.

Fair comparison, but I’d counter that Hypnos has diminished value against a team of pure hitters, whereas Fortuna will save your rear with that -36% attack.

The comparison to Louhi is a bit off the mark, since Louhi is meant to be used in a stack to soften enemy heroes and set you up for kill shots. Fortuna OTOH is a standalone hero that buys you time when the starting board is really bad, and enemy snipers firing at you is an inevitability before you can get your main stack rolling.