Forsaken Oasis - save your battle items, smash 10* titans

Are you looking for a change of pace from the demands of fighting 14* titans and reaping so-so rewards?

Do you enjoy taking wars seriously while having fun and sharing in the spoils of victory with other high level players?

Can you field a minimum 4500+ war defense with 12 maxed 5* ready to battle alongside a team of like-minded warriors?

We’ve got the alliance for you!

Come to the Forsaken Oasis where we cap our titans at 10*, allow and encourage mercing, and fight every war like it’s our last!

Bring your hammock, Margaritas provided! Contact Demonra9 for more information or to reserve your spot.



A huge shout out to @ThePirateKing for creating this awesome poster for us!


Our awesome poster deserves a bump. The alliance is pretty awesome, too :grin:

Great war! Great chat! Great people! Great alliance!

If you’re looking for a change after the war, check us out!

I’ll try you on for a spell

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Looking forward to having you visit.

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Another great war. All flags used as usual!

That was our 7th war victory in a row!

Still happily smashing 10 star titans!

Enjoying the Oasis life! Wish you were here :joy::rofl:

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Now with more Poo!


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How do I bump this to the top? I think the rum might be getting to me. Or maybe it’s all the sun here.
I wish I could figure this out…

See you at the Forsaken Oasis

So true…
I used to be in the " SG should delete the zombie alliances", but they’re the best place to use titan flags for bundles of food & iron when we’re passing on a titan.

The Oasis life allows you to explore lots of zombie alliances too :wink:.

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Just a gentle Oasis bump to remind everyone there are options to your play!

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