Forsaken! - A Veteran Player Sanctuary

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Truthfully said… the ladies and gents within this alliance are fantastic people, friends of mine. If a stress free and almost carefree attitude is what you wish for then they are amazing… oh and they have a serious amounts of skill and knowledge.
Good luck to all

Forsaken is recruiting. If you’re interested please Line ID: mox87

Hi Mox

Is Line a requirement ?

Sorry for the slow response. We do a lot of communication in Line, keep our war record and statistics, team Lineup’s etc. It just makes it easier to share information.

We are currently recruiting 2 members, 4k TP, looking to play in a more relaxed environment.

I wish I was a veteran… it sounds awesome!

Still a few spaces open, come join us

I have almost 4k power and at level 45. Don’t have line though. Still at an alliance but planning to move out. What country is this alliance formed?

We are predominately US, however have some EU Members as well, one Aussie. Line really makes it easier to communicate and share information as game chat is limited. We do have a couple that do not have Line though.


We have 1-3 spots available (2 alts can move if needed).

Currently have 2-4 spots open. (2 alts can be moved if needed)

I can vouch for this alliance. Myself and the rest of a smaller alliance merged with Forsaken! About a month ago it has been awesome from day 1. The environment is very laid back and fun. We are chatty and respectful. If you’re on the fence about joint an alliance give us a try. (More than a few hours. A week or 2)