Forsaken - A Veteran Player Sanctuary


Forsaken was formed to provide a stress-free environment for veteran players. We have a very active Line chat and find our greatest enjoyment in the game is the friendships we have made and participating in war. At this time, we will NOT recruit to full membership, however would like to sit at 15-20 members.

• We will not push for leader boards
• You can merc at your discretion, however be conscientious of the impact to your war chest.
• Any member in good standing can come and go from the alliance at their discretion.

We have very few rules, and those we do have, we find to be common sense. Please read below and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Forsaken Requirements:
• Always be respectful to alliance members, we have ZERO tolerance for rude, condescending, confrontational, or derogatory dialogue.
• If you chat in AR always be respectful to other players, you represent Forsaken as a member.
• Please do not talk about race, religion, or politics in chat. No sexually explicit images or conversation is allowed in chat. We have players of all ages and need to be conscientious.
• You can opt in or out of war at your discretion. If you opt IN for war, use all of your alliance war hits. All or nothing.
• We expect all members to hit the titan when available to do so

If you are veteran player, comparable to our members (4k+), consider yourself a team player, have 6 war ready teams, and think we are a good fit for you, please Line ID mox87


Truthfully said… the ladies and gents within this alliance are fantastic people, friends of mine. If a stress free and almost carefree attitude is what you wish for then they are amazing… oh and they have a serious amounts of skill and knowledge.
Good luck to all


Forsaken is recruiting. If you’re interested please Line ID: mox87


Hi Mox

Is Line a requirement ?