Forming a good team

So I’ve been playing a bit and have a few characters but not sure what direction I should go in. Bold Tusk is the only character I have managed to max out so I guess I should build a team around him. I will add pics of my current roster.

Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Hi there.

  1. Nice roster. There’s a lot there to keep you occupied and progressing for a good period of time!


  1. As you’re probably already aware, you’ve been a bit “scattergun” in your levelling - there’s quite a few partly completed projects there.

In terms of available power, this means you’re behind where you could’ve been if you’d focused in and finished one project before jumping to the next.
That said, this does mean you’ve got options that can be finished off more quickly before moving on to new or less developed projects.


  1. Pick your battles… Literally.

Three star hero’s aren’t junk to be passed over in favour of fours and fives at all times - they’re far quicker and less costly (in materials terms) to complete…
This can really give you some flexibility and versatility to build upon - and it will always be useful to have them available when 3* raid tournaments and challenge events come along.

Five stars are, by and large, worthless until they can be fully finished… This is probably an unfair statement in that there are exceptions, but the vast majority of 5* hero’s stuck at 3.70 (the highest they can go without the rarer ascension materials they require) are inferior to their maxed 4* counterparts which take the same materials to get to that point.
What I’m saying here is… Put those fives down for now, as cool as they are, you really want to resist temptation to feed them.


  1. Build up functionality.

Alongside healing (good call on BT), there are other key skills you want in your arsenal - dispel and cleanse (dispel removes positive “buffs” from the opponents; cleanse removes negative effects from your team) should always be valued, as should buffs (positive status effects for your team) and debuffs (negative status effects for your enemies).

Boldtusk gives you an attack buff, which is really useful.

You’ll want a dispel (options in 4* are Caedmon, Sonya or Melendor) and a cleanser (Rigard).

Wu Kong gives you a useful “gamble” which combines massively boosted attack with a chance to miss the target… In situations where you can try again until you succeed, he can allow you to punch above your weight - when you get a round where you’re lucky and get less misses you’ll complete things you wouldn’t manage otherwise.


  1. BUT!

Contrary to point four… You’ll be up and running in a sense more quickly if you build yourself at least one (5 heroes) team of maxed 3* first. A second before moving back to focusing on 4* would also be a wise decision.


  1. So here’s my levelling plan suggestion… You don’t have to follow it, but it’s what I would do in your situation and it’s what I would recommend to any newbies that joined my alliance…

Feed same colour feeders only (you get small bonuses in exp) and ideally save up 10 at a time before doing it (better odds of special skills rising).

First 5: Building a three star rainbow ASAP.
Red - finish Ei-Dunn
Green - finish Berden
Blue - finish Valen
Yellow - finish Bane
Purple - finish Bjorn.

Second 5: continuing with a second set of 3*
Red - Nashgar
Green - Grevle
Blue - Nordri! (Whatever else you do, you’ll use him against red titans for a long time!)
Yellow - finish Kvasir
Purple - no more 3*, so start on Rigard (the lynchpin of almost all good players - many level 2+ copies, some even level six!).

After these…
Red - Kelile, then Gormek (unless you get Wilbur before then).
Green - Caedmon, then Melendor, then Skittleskull.
Blue - Sonya, then probably Boril.
Yellow - Wu Kong first. Then Mist, then Li.
Purple - After Rigard is finished, move on to Tiburtus.


If you got this far… I hope you found it helpful :slight_smile:


Great plan. I can’t add to that. Well done @BubblesUK


I can’t thank you enough!!! This has been so much help. Thank you thank you! I didn’t know if I needed to work on a team of all one color or even worry with a 3* team but I get what your saying. 3* are much easier to level up.


Definitely - and if you’re in an alliance, you’ll want six teams available for wars, you can get those ready much quicker if you build at least 3-4 of them with 3* first.

All one colour teams can be very useful at times, as can splits (3-2 bringing only two colours, for example) but that kinda comes naturally once you start having more finished “rainbow” (all colours mixed) teams ready.

4* are definitely better than 3* once you have the materials to max them… But even then they take much longer, so it helps you get in a position to have fun if you get some three first.

5* are obviously better again… But they take a LONG time to build, and need very rare items that can take weeks or months to collect for just one hero (depending on where you are in the game).


Anything you want to know, it’s easy to ask - plenty of helpful types around here… Sometimes we disagree on strategy, but almost everyone seems to have their hearts in the right place.


You already got some great advice and I can say I tell everyone in my alliance work on getting some 3* teams maxed before moving to 5* or even 4*. This will help not only in war but also the monthly events, emblem quests, and weekly raid tournaments.

Only other thing I want to add, I see you have some nice costumes like Boldtusk and Rigard. Leveling these wont give you another hero for war but you will get a nice stat boost to the normal version of the hero and you might even like the costume better (I like Costume Rigard more, but classic Boldtusk better). They also change their class so you can use them in multiple emblem quests (Boldtusk is a fighter, but his costume is Monk).

Best part is they are very quick to level. So when you start leveling Rigard, every time you ascend him switch to the costume and max that even faster first (once you get yours to 2.1, switch to the costume and you can get to 2.50 much faster). You then will have to switch back to be able to ascend again and eventually max to get emblems but the costume will give you a quicker punch.

Same with the 3* s, Berden and Bane both will get a nice stat boost and be very quick (for me the longest part of leveling a 3* costume is trying get the special to 8/8… Last 3* costume I leveled was 3.50 with 4/8 special. If that happens though 10 1* heros of the same color is 100% chance to increase the special so not a big deal.


Thanks BubblesUK and bub102x, are there any of my guys that I should feed towards building these teams… do I have any real stinkers I need to let go of or do yall suggest I hold on to all of what I have?

One more thing… I just got Hawkmoon and from what I’ve read on here a lot of folks say she’s a keeper. Should I use her and change anyone out on those teams I was advised to set up?

Jao a very varied rooster, you have to work very hard to be able to bring to the maximum level as many heroes as possible, I would advise you to start growing fast heroes and then the others after

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Hawkmoon is indeed very useful… She’s worth levelling when time comes (before Nashgar, IMHO).

And no, I wouldn’t feed any of these away - feed 2* and 1* heroes, not 3*+ (at least not until you’ve maxed one and decided if a duplicate has value).


Hawkmoon is super useful but since you have the Best red healer, she should be way down on the lit after you focus on a rainbow teams. And quit levelling the 5 stars until you have the MATs to ascend them. I really wish I knew that when I started.


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