Former player here; can someone summarize what happened this year since, I dunno, March 2020?

Hello, people!

It’s been a long time since I didn’t visit the forums despite all the good times spent here, and the last time I touched the game was in either March or April this year, where I don’t remember much except Melia looking more like Gandalf than usual because of that publicized feature that was alternate costumes. The last thing I remembered from the forum was an unspecified outrage towards the costumes, as I didn’t follow the news.
I stopped playing the game to focus on writing and making stuff and making videos unrelated to the game but I planned to go back into E&P in December for the login bonuses. Is there anything important I need to catch up since Spring? Any new good feature I need to look at? How’s the new season? Costumes? Features? The storyline? What did I miss this year? What’s coming up?

KalosianPorygon, who did not forget her avatar


To put it short

  • Wars: Telluria tanks everywhere…we almost have just green tanks

  • Third wave of costumes coming up in December…so now every S1 hero (3* to 5*) will have a costume

  • New events : Tavern of legends, Ninja tower

  • Reworked seasonal events with new heroes: Sand Empire, Morlovia and Santas challenge (starting tomorrow)

  • S3 Valhalla: now 10 chapters aka 30 world maps available

  • New war modes: Rush Attack, Undead horde (minions!) and Equalizer (cleansing all)

  • More minion affecting heroes available

I remember your avatar :star_struck: @KalosianPorygon


Telly/Vela also were nerfed about 3 times since their introduction, let’s not forget that.


Sure…I let the fun part for others. :rofl:

People complaining awesome… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

:shushing_face: :grin:


Oh, and some less popular heroes got a rework, some with more success than others. If you have any old cards lurking in your collection that you’ve always meant to get around to throwing out, best check whether they’ve had an update in the meantime. For example Margaret, Guardian Kong and (believe it or not) Atomos are quite good now (Kong especially). Others didn’t fare so well - G. Owl is still kind of rubbish, sadly.


Yes, sadly the Owl still stinks. I am actually leveling him right now because I’m a little bored and I’m flush with mats for holy heroes. Figured I could use in the rush tournaments/wars. But will sit on my bench for the most part unless a decent buff comes down the line.


Small Giant resolved the duples problem!

Oh, wait, nope.
That’s still there, nevermind.


Good summary. Only other things I can think of:

Alchemy lab reworked to not suck.

Hero Academy released.

Emblems are much more plentiful now.


Welcome back!

I was actually just thinking of you moments ago, because someone coincidentally just liked this old post of mine (which I know you will DEEPLY disagree with):

@Vikingblood80 did a good job summarizing, I think that mostly covers the big stuff


If you want to read through the nitty gritty details you can go through all of the news, updates, and releases.


Don’t forget that plague of locusts we had in July.

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Telluria fiasco…

You took the right time to take a break from the game.


Tavern of legends released with worst 5 star drop rate in game. Got updated and now has best 5 star drop rate in game.

Also costumes actually turned out good. In most cases a buff to the original character thought not in all…


Side note. Dawa is still and maybe even given out more these days.

COVID-19 happened since March and has changed everything since…:mask:


Morlovia-gate for farming tabards finally revealed


Tellys. Tellys everywhere. And not the ones you watch channels on… :joy:
But nah, hell, Tellys … an annoying tank to fight, for most of this year. :frowning: It’s thankfully more manageable now, but I’d still urge caution when attacking defence teams using one.


Krampus will be nerfed in the next update :rofl:

Locusts? What are they, a new event I missed? SG’s headquarters being invaded? Server issues? All three?

I’ve just finished watching The Queens Gambit on Netflix and I couldn’t work out who Townes looked like.

Seeing this pick has made me realise I was thinking of Tibertus hahahaha

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