Former member chatting?

We had a member leave today after war, they joined another alliance, but was still able to chat in our alliance…how is this possible?
Former member is ThunderCats

Just to ask what is fairly certainly a stupid question just to rule out the obvious — there were new messages from the former member from after they left the alliance, not just old ones in the chat history, and they didn’t return at some point and then leave again?

And no, i double checked chat history, no reentry to the alliance

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Thanks for confirming!

In addition to the bug post, I think this is worth contacting Support about directly, and sending along the screenshots to them too. It definitely seems like a weird glitch that would be good for them to be aware of.

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Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

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No problem! I gave them a heads up too. :slight_smile:

are you sure one of the existing members didn’t change their name to ThunderCats after the original one left?

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Pretty sure, but i dont know why they would do that. Or at least not own up to it if it was a joke. And would someone really spend precious gems on a gag?
Also, when clicking on the member name in the chat it brought up the former member, with new alliance info, so yeah, definitly not a gag

We once had a member who left our alliance but her name stayed on the titan leaderboard (rather than saying ex-member). When we clicked on it, it showed the name of the alliance she’d moved to. I’m wondering now if she could have chatted with us?

Just adding another level of mystery to your inquiry.

This is normal and always works this way, until the next Titan comes along.

But I’ve been on both sides of that — leaving, and having someone leave — without ever seeing any way to message the “old” chat, or messages showing up post-departure.

That part is definitely odd and some sort of bug or server error.

Lmao, we had a member do this once and it was hilarious :rofl:

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