Formations blocked

After reading the update notes, I was glad to see formations back and coming out of beta.

After the update I go to set a different formation, except my Hero Academy is right in the middle of a 10-day build, so I can’t use formations.
Even in the notes, it says you “must have a hero academy built.” It seems this rule should be limited to players with never having built an Academy. But what about someone upgrading from lvl 9 to lvl 10? They can’t change formations?
I realize that the word in question is “built”, so I technically have no case, but if I’m going to my hero roster to edit a team, just make the formations there.
The game knows if I’ve had a Hero Academy for months, even if it happens to be mid-upgrade.

I have version 37. It was pushed on the morning of 4/22. All the characters from the patch notes that I own have the new buffs already.
If formations aren’t active for some reason, OK, but according to the notes they came along with the update.

When ALL players will have updated game. Then you will be able to change formations. And you will be able to do it even if you are in the middle of upgrading

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OK I hope you’re right about the ‘while upgrading’ part. During the beta phase I had to be able to enter the academy to change formations, and I couldn’t enter the construction of course.
I guess my main point is that in general, formation selection should be a part of normal team edits, as long as you own a HA.
I’ll just shut up until it’s all rolled out. We’ll see what we see.

Raid Formations will be enabled once we have “forced” the update (meaning dropped the support for previous versions). We always send an in-game message (titled “maintenance break”) when this happens.


The topic I originally intended has become slightly skewed.
I understand all that based on the flow of the thread.
Barring all discussion of update schedule, I still don’t know if setting or changing formations every 24 hours will be possible while a HA is under level-up construction phases.


That sounds like #ideas-feature-requests

But in the past, the mods have shut down similar threads for not being distinct enough or already suggested in Beta during feature testing


In fact, the Devs may have done this deliberately

Devs have already decided to add Raid Formations to the hardest building to construct, and upgrade, in Empires

So I doubt you will gain much interest among the Devs

Live Service

For live service games like Empires and Puzzles, and Puzzle Combat, game balance of past content ( looking at you Taverns of Legends) is less important than adding new content ( looking at you Season 4 slow hero roll out )

Once a feature goes live, it is unlikely to be revisited ( I suspect Alchemy Lab v1.0 was unique for many reasons but all tied to lost revenue from Whale++ accounts )

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You can’t change the formations while you’re upgrading your HA, only when you finish any level, then you can change formations



(And please close this thread. Good God Almighty).

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I had this same doubt when HA was upgrading

:triangular_flag_on_post: Flagging for closure per OP

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