Formation Suggestions, please

Hey all,

currently I have

"Melendor (20), Khagan (10), Poseidon (9), Boril, Quintus(9)

I used a lot Triton insted of Boril but lately for me Boril is better in this setup…
Got also Proteus (17) in backup

Really love Melendor because of enemy dispelling…"

Telluria is leveled, who should i kick out?

Also I have Grimble and 6 tabard ready, Should I level him and then replace who?

Also, why im writing this,as I have used materials on some old 5s heroes, the question here is should i wait? for new 5s heros?

E.G. im on the brink of diamond arena. I can go in, then fall back down…And from experience when I see a team like mine i know i can win, but when i see some new heroes i just reroll as there is no chance of beating that tim…

Also what i have in the “backlog” Lianna 80, vivica 70, sumimoto 70, cyprian 70, gormek 70, leonidas 70, sartana 70, Delilah just starting to level her

Thank you in advance

I’d never re-roll if I were you. Take em on!

If Telluria is leveled, that’s your tank.

I’d not go with two greens since there are tons of red death dealers. Is Mel your only healer? Boril as a flank is good with Telluria. Khagan is slow and relatively easy to handle. Same with Quintus, but he hits HARD if he fires. If I were you and Mel is my only healer I’d run with:


Level Delilah immediately.

Then you can run:


Other combos too. You’ll have fun!


so no grimble? i save tabards?

Always dispeller on left side, Mel - Khagan - telluria - Poseidon - Triton…Sabina would be a good replacement for Mel…save tabards if you summon quite a bit

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Dth is right about dispeller on left side. My bad there. I’d save Tabards. Grimble is too niche for the stage of team development that you’re at. If you get 4-5 more Tabards in the meantime, then think of ascending Grimble.

Thank you all.

just a quick one, why dispeller on the left? Any link for that? i mean, I use mel on the left all the time,

Because of the order, all your heroes gets fired from left to right, so you might want to dispel before firing every other heroes.
Hope this helps

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super thanks, didnt notice that :slight_smile:

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I would give the tabards to sartana

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