Formation Question

If you have an ability that buffs only nearby characters, can you use a formation and place them in the middle to buff the entire party? I’d like to position Miriam & Midnight in the middle to hit all my other players, but haven’t unlocked formations yet. I was lucky and pulled two Annes, and hoping I can just use one healer and hoping to pull Rhys or Xnolphod.

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Not anymore. It used to be that in the Double (W) and Reverse Double (M) formation, the middle hero buffed everyone. But they changed it so that the middle will only buff the 2 flanking heroes.

In your case above, Miriam and Midnight will only buff the 2 Annes

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Bummer, thanks for the info.

No prob. At least you know before hand. I limit broke my Brynhild so that she could give everyone a mana boost, but after a couple of months she went back to just buffing 2 others max

Do you happen to know when Rhys will be available again?