Formation disaster

I have been playing empires and puzzles for almost a year now and enjoyed it from the start. Im a cheap to play player at level 46. Currently I have 3 maxed 5 stars and 15 4 stars in raids and wars I can win from much bigger teams. Now with the start of the new raid formations my defense is been attacked 6 times by teams with 5 5 stars with 20 emblems. There is no way that I can revenge those teams with my heroes with those new formations. My base is not that far developed that I have the hero acadamy so I cannot change my formation. I really hope that SG is gonna change it back because I lost the fun that I had with empires and puzzles. This formation change is a far worse idea then creating costumes for non season 1 heroes. Please change it back otherwise I have to look for another game to play.

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