Form your BEST AW DEFENSE (it doesnt have to be rainbow) as per given roster. Much appreciated :)


Having the following roster please make your BEST ALLIANCE WAR DEFENSE (it doesnt have to be rainbow).

Thank you very much :slight_smile:



I wouldn’t like the odds of facing this team (left to right): Alberich, Vivica, Ares, Aeron, Isarnia


Lianna, Gravy, Magni, Aries, Zeline is the hurt locker.

Could swap Aries for Falcon depending on what the effect was for the war


Alby, Isarnia, Gravemaker, Vivica, Sartana


I can guarantee that’s a team I’m going to avoid!


3 blue and 2 red would destroy that team especially if it’s Isarina, Richard, Misandra, Zimkitha and Marjana.


True. But for wars, how many people have 18 4* or better blue and 12 4* or better reds? The OP asked for the best AW team


Offense as the best defense! Alby Magni GM Sartana Joon!


Lianna, isarnia, Guinevere, gravemaker, Sartana.


aint in the roster…


Oh I missed that part lol ok lemme see


Alberich, Magni, Azlar, Zeline, Sartana


I would go with Alby magni Ares zeline panther