Forgotten treasures of fire

Someone willing to sacrifice for us peasants?


Wasn’t sure i could go farther but the 5 roster slots were winking at me


Thank you this is way worse than the ice one which is the best deal in the game. Will probably just buy one of each for the last level.

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What is the fire icon in the fourth tier that’s x1000

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Covenant 10 pulls there

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Fourth is the best deal imo. But you have to buy the rest of the useless crap first. Huge pass as usual


Thanks for posting vortex


100% agree. I already got sick from the first offer with my 257 titan flask that I never use… While I also prefer the Ice offer this one is … just no comment.

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Thank you! Very helpful! :+1:

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Eww. Compared to the ice offer, this one truly pales in comparison.

Only T4 is worth it. Or T5. Depending on want/need.

Yea exactly. I mean if your budget is within 50 SGD, it’s quite worth it to get to T4

Junk junk and more junk, hard pass

I took T4, it was the most interestingf for me, also because it was included 5 more roster space.

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Only 1 roster space according to the offer…

I find this one a very easy one to pass, not a single good offer among them :smiley:

No, it’s 5 roster space not just 1

That green button = roster space +5

Interesting way of selling their own offer worse than it is lol… Not that I believe it makes it worth it, and especially not if you have to buy the worse offers first just to get there. But I would adjust my opinion to saying it´s the least bad offer of a bunch of really bad ones :smiley:

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