Forgotten Phoenix

Forgotten Phoenix is a new alliance I opened with my fiancé. We want to build a strong alliance by having fun and making new friends along the way. Join us if you want a light hearted, fun, but smart and growing alliance. We welcome all, new and old players. We will teach you and help you grow if you’re new, I plan to promote promising players, and I promise there will be plenty of laughs along the way!


Starting a new alliance takes patience, especially starting from 1* titans (been there :wink:). Stopping by to say Good luck!

I appreciate the comment! The 1* are pretty easy to kill between just the 2 of us. Got a couple of new recruits in, and if you would like to visit, please do! We are fun and light hearted

Congrats on the new recruits, and thanks for the offer to visit. You just never know, but I’m happy in my small alliance of friends. :smile:

Haha fair enough! I never said you had to stay, but we are always looking to make new friends! The offer still stands, even if it’s just for a visit :smile:

P.S.- You never know when you need a good friend

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