Forgot to collect rewards from recent path a valor

Hello, i just got out a 12hr hospital shift and it slipped my mind to collect a couple of my trainer hero tiers. I forgot the new path of valor started and i didnt see them in my roster. Yes i purchased the path of valor. Is there anyway I can contact small giant games to recieve them? =( Thank you.

i have the same problem here.
i don’t know why it can’t autocollect it.
all rewards don’t cause any inventory problems. i left my trainers too for magni’s final ascension

You can file a support ticket, but previous players have been told they had several days to collect, and it’s gone now.

Posted a previous thread bout forgetting to claim a couple blue trainer tiers. Contacted support twice and got the same robotic response " rewards cant be claimed after new path of valor" I understand those terms but i work 21 straight days even through holidays averaging 11hrs a day. I tired and simply forgot to claim. I asked if they can look into my account and hopefully just credit it to me. Ive spent money on every path of valit and hours of gameplay in the past. Would crediting really cause them to lose their millions? Really unfair support. Just put an auto claim system in at the end.

I think there is one at the end…not sure if i remember corectly.
I collect my rewards seconds after i get it :))

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