Forges could combine "ascension pieces"

Idea from Allurex of Misfit Toys:

"Honestly, (the Devs) could make Forges a lot more useful if they did something like this: allow certain types of ascension materials to drop from the missions on the world map, BUT! How about this: collect 20 Sturdy Shield pieces from high level provinces (18 and up maybe?) and combine them in the forge for a large chunk of iron (300-400k maybe?) To craft 1 Sturdy Shield.

That would:

  • Give forges a use.
  • Let high end players use their resources instead of sitting on full.
  • Give veterans an incentive to play the world map at high levels.
  • And make the aquisition of ascension materials a little less tiresome.

It’s still reliant on luck, takes a lot of time to do and gives minor reward. But at least it would be something to do when you’re so far that you’re just waiting for other materials to drop. Nobody who gets to Province 18 has a hero that ISN’T stuck at some ascension or another.

With how much world energy those missions drain, if the drop chance of those pieces was anything like Chainmails, Boots and such, it’d take a long time to collect all those pieces and then forge them together. So it’s not like you wouldn’t still have an incentive to hit titans."

What do y’all think of her idea?


+1 for that. I like it

I agree. That would make it a lot more interesting.

Yes that would work will

Is there anything you would change to make this idea better?

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I was actually thinking of something like that. But I was stuck with finding pieces of it.

Like I get devs don’t want to make the drop a given and people get all in a weak. So why not give pieces that you need to gather and exchange for an item.

But instead of pieces use normal lower items is not bad. The numbers could be insane hard, such as 500* ascension item (I have like 4kk after a lot of playing and farming). That would make the lesser items useful and actually stimulate people farming and using all their energies.

That could easily be an Alchemy Lab building.


I love this idea. I also want to point out that I like any idea that gives incentive to go play the higher provinces. Everything about the progression on the map (the harder enemies, the higher energy cost) seems made to also give better loot but it is such a let down. This is one of the best suggestion of remedy to this I’ve seen since it also give a slow but visible way of grinding ascension items. :slight_smile:

An alchemy lab has been proposed before as a new building. Maybe, as Mai said above, this could be a use for it.

See PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab:


I have no issue combining the two ideas…they seem made for each other. MAY IT BE MADE!!! :laughing:

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I would like a bottom that it allow you to trade ascend materials within your ally members

This idea is really popular and has been posted all over the Forum. Please see the Shortlist by the Devs to see where trading falls in their spectrum of ideas to be addressed:

I so agree with you! I have a number of 4 star heros and a 5 star hero whose stuck because I have no way of acquiring the required ascension items. It seems like no matter where I fight, i get the same items all the time. I participate in the arena and now I’m up to the Gold Arena, however when I reach the goal for the Chests, I still receive the same items. I have tons of minor mana potions and plenty of minor antidotes, it’s just a waste. It seems like the only way to obtain the higher ascension items, is through purchases and that’s now fun. I don’t mind spending money to enhance my gameplay experience but when you have to spend money to simply advance in the game, it makes people lose interest.

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Are you completing the rare quests? (Frostmarch, Shrikewood, Farholme Pass, etc) If you complete all 5 levels of those every time, it will guarantee you enough unfarmable ascension materials to max out one 5* of each color in a year, even if you got none from any other source


Ok, I will try the rare quest and see what I get. Thanks.

I would like a, way to get more rare assension items. It is too difficult to get items likectrap tools and hidden blades. I have been waiting on teap tools for over 3 months. I would also like to be able to pull 4 and 5 star heros and troops more easily and frequently.

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I’m not sure how long you have been playing, but these things are “rare”. Rare by design.

I personally hunt for 3* ascension materials in Titan loot drops, and both 3/4* ascension materials on Rare Quests. Of course, they might also drop from Wanted chests, rare (colored) Wanted chests, Mystic Vision, War loot drops, etc. I have received such items from each of these places at least once, but RNG rules, of course.

Sir Rook, thank you for responding. I have searched a nature chest 2 months ago, several past events as well asxthe current events, mystic vision daily. I feel going on 4 months is excessiveto ascend one hero. Thank you for listening. Your understanding is appreciated.

Joseph Patane

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Please do not post game account or contact information, thank you.

The game moves forward in logical stages, and each of these stages takes time:

  • 1/2* heroes
  • 3* heroes
  • 4* heroes
  • 4/5* heroes

3* and up cost more and more to ascend, with the maximum cost being a 5* Hero. (You can ascend two 4* for less!)

So you must then determine which of your heroes is worth it, and spend your carefully hoarded ascension items. As you get stronger, some items become easier to get (rare quest gives two).

I have been playing 14 months now. I have almost maxed one 5*, maxed or ascended to final ten 4*. Right now, I have these ascension items still, after all those 4*:

The ascension materials are out there! You will find yours. :slight_smile:

Like this idea alot maybe devs will listen

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