Foreigners using chat to gossip?


Since the update with the extra chatrooms, I guess others noticed you can switch to different languages too. And the Dutch chatrooms seem to be popular for Spanish and Italian people to use for gossiping. This is very annoying and we try to send them away in English, but they don’t always listen or even understand. I report them and block them, but if there were means for private conversations this would not be a problem.
They use other rooms too, the Italian guy suggested to the other to switch to English global so they wouldn’t get banned (I don’t speak Italian, but can read enough to understand simple sentences).


English general chat is unusable now, in part for this reason and due to role players and trolls. I have over 300 people blocked, half are non English speakers using English chat rooms.

Petri hasn’t shown his face in months there or he would know.

Definitely the time has come for moderators in the larger rooms.
Its a sad event when people ask for help and no one answers due to a flood of roleplayers, then they quit.



Or at least try adding rooms specific for it.

Alliance Recruitment does pretty well at staying on topic because it’s meaning is obvious.

Create a Game Discussion chat or something similar (I’m not good with creative titles) where it’s painfully obvious that “Stuff About The Game Goes Here”

General, and even Off-Topic (which we’ve been trying to hold the line on in game) can go burn for all I care at that point… also since SG has limited resources, the Game one could be moderated if need be for far less resources and the mess that is global can be left as it is with copious use of blocks and reports for people that decide to hang out in that wasteland yet still maintain their sanity.


I’m sure SG could reach into that limitless bag of virtual gems and offer a few to long standing active members to moderate.
The report system takes ages to kick into effect, while some troll types racial slurs for hours on end.
That’s just not good enough in this day and age.
Specific rooms may help, I like that idea, or even have chat rooms with entry requirements or an automated booting system. There is lots of options.
Doing nothing and letting the current system flow is not the answer though.


We got spanish and english speaking people visiting our chat and making it not useable


There were Vietnamese in the English room…but there was no room for the Vietnamese.

Solution: block

So far, Roleplaying isn’t against chatroom rules, only bad language, harassment and spamming.

I report those who violate the rules and block them if they’re annoying. I suspect if enough report the same person/post, they will be temporarily or permanently removed from chat.


If they are writing in a different language, they might be violating the forum rules though, they could just switch chatrooms for using foul language. First there was a English censor on our chatroom, but they removed it (which was a good thing, since some normal Dutch words got starred out). We could still curse in Dutch though. But now there is a Dutch censor on the chat (pretty hilarious, we can’t say weirdo, but we can say weirdos, and I wouldn’t call weirdo a very bad word, especially not the Dutch variation :wink:).
Anyway, I am just saying that if people are annoying enough to speak a different language on Dutch/English/other chat, they are probably not refraining from foul language, so I can report them with a clear conscience :rofl:. I am warning them beforehand and give them a chance to just leave.