Foreign Language Support

I’m not the best linguist in the world, but I think we should make a foreign language support section. I’ve done my best with what knowledge I do have and a little help from google translate, but I’d like to make sure that all players have a chance to get the help they need, in a language they understand.

That being said, I’m offering to help in said section as well.


Yes! I’ve been Google translating some as well. I don’t mind them there but wish they had a section :slight_smile:


Hi @Penari & @Vivenna, also @Rook,

First of all, thank you for helping out on the foreign language comments and also for this initiative. This is something, that we were also considering to do. We can try this and see how it goes. We will set it up soon.



Can the Sub forum be renamed “Foreign Language Support” might be a bit kinder. :slight_smile:


Sure! :upside_down_face: Edit: we don’t want to give false expectations, that there is an official language support available. But I can change it to “Foreign Languages”!


Hopefully Romanian Language Room will be added, there are a lot of Romanians enjoying this game.


Hi @Banutu! Thanks for the feedback. We are testing the new “Foreign Languages” category here: About the Foreign Languages category Feel free to write there in your own language, if you like.


Не подскажите, что делать если у меня не заходит в 8 квест, только показывает противников и сразу вылетает с игры

Please respect us Bulgarians and make a Bulgarian version of the game. The oldest country in Europe is Bulgaria founded in 681. Russia uses our alphabet invented by Bulgarian priests.

Моля, уважавайте ни българите и направете българска версия на играта. Най-старата страна в Европа е България, основана през 681 г. Русия използва нашата азбука, измислена от българските свещеници.

Hola buenos días, la verdad es que no se muy bien donde dirigirme para hacer esta pregunta. La hago por aquí a ver si alguien me da una explicación que no sea la de que esto es un juego. Mi pregunta . ¿ Cómo es posible que hagas una invocación por 10 en héroes oscuros y te salgan 9 de 3* y 1 de 4*?. No digo que el juego esté mal porque me encanta y sinceramente invierto en el porque me gusta. A ver si alguien me lo aclara o me dice a donde tengo que dirigirme…Gracias de antemano y Felicidades por el juego.

Hola Rubi. Consulta cuanto tiempo se demoran los de soporte para responder procesos de investigacion sobre cuentas.

Hoping that the staff will create more Vietnamese software in the game, there are a lot of Vietnamese people who do not know English so they cannot do the tasks and hope that the staff helps Vietnamese people to have the best experience. thank you

Mong bên nhân viên tạo điều kiện đưa thêm phần mềm tiếng việt vào game có rất nhiều người việt nam ko biết English nên không làm được các nhiệm vụ mong bên nhân viên tạo điều kiện cho người việt nam trải nghiệm tốt nhất . xin cám ơn

Čechů je tu zastoupeno taky hodně :slight_smile: chceme českou místnost, přidání češtiny do výběru jazyků

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Hola, buenos días! La versión BETA de los Tres Reinos parece que ha desaparecido del mapa. Lástima, parecía interesante. Espero que pronto esté a punto y podamos jugar.
Buenísimo el juego! Aunque conseguir héroes legendarios o del mes resulta cada vez más difícil.

There should be an in-game translator so people can join other alliances that dont speak their language. I played a game in the past, all you had to do is push a button alongside the name of the person and it would translate to your language.

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Small Giant many players are olaying this game from Czech or Slovak country…are you able to create czech or slovak chat room?

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We dont need czech or slovak version in game…we need just czech or slovak room in chat for forming alliances,can u do that please?

Když už je ve volbě i polština :wink:

Help! it’s impossible to find a Ukrainian chat without Russians, it’s like a war!!!
неможливо знайти українській чат в ігра без росіян у нас як не як війна!!!