Foreign Language Support


I’m not the best linguist in the world, but I think we should make a foreign language support section. I’ve done my best with what knowledge I do have and a little help from google translate, but I’d like to make sure that all players have a chance to get the help they need, in a language they understand.

That being said, I’m offering to help in said section as well.


Yes! I’ve been Google translating some as well. I don’t mind them there but wish they had a section :slight_smile:


Hi @Penari & @Vivenna, also @Rook,

First of all, thank you for helping out on the foreign language comments and also for this initiative. This is something, that we were also considering to do. We can try this and see how it goes. We will set it up soon.



Can the Sub forum be renamed “Foreign Language Support” might be a bit kinder. :slight_smile:


Sure! :upside_down_face: Edit: we don’t want to give false expectations, that there is an official language support available. But I can change it to “Foreign Languages”!


Hopefully Romanian Language Room will be added, there are a lot of Romanians enjoying this game.


Hi @Banutu! Thanks for the feedback. We are testing the new “Foreign Languages” category here: About the Foreign Languages category Feel free to write there in your own language, if you like.


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