Forced to raid

You’d be surprised! A lot of people raid mostly for the hams.

How much you lose from the watchtower is dependent on how much was in there when you went offline. You can lose up to half of it every raid.

How much the enemy gains depends on how long you’ve been offline. The two aren’t really related to each other.

Empty the tower as the last thing you do and you won’t lose any.

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I can honestly say I neither noticed or cared about the tower resources. I’d claim them if I remembered to, but to the best of my recollection, that was pretty far and few between.

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Then you’re giving up the equivalent of nearly 3 extra L20 farms and 2 L20 mines.

But, hey, whatever works for you.


Was giving up…past tense. I quit the game months ago (SG have fully deleted my account from the servers). Probably a sign of how bored I was that I neglected the Watchtower quite so much.

I fully understood the free resources it offered, but as I said, and in my opinion, they are a secondary concern once a player is consistently raiding in mid diamond and/or the leaderboard itself. Trophies, although they are only an exercise in vanity, are the target.


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