Forced to raid

So I noticed that when you go into the watchtower and click on revenge then decide not to revenge that opponent and go to the raid portal and find opponent, the person your given is the same as the person you clicked revenge on, is this normal? Seems like if I dont want to revenge this person I should not have to spend ham to get another opponent.

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Yes that appears every time. Once you have pressed revenge you have basically chosen that team to raid.
Like in all other raids if you change your mind you have to reroll


You can always choose another person from your watchtower to try to raid. If you don’t like any of the options, just wait for one of them to log on.

That’s usually the problem I have. Every time I’m in the mood to seek vengeance, my opponents are “hiding out” online and refuse to log off.


That’s even worse when you are 1 win away from completing your raid chest and one flag left while none of the rerolls look as tasty as the one who refuses to go offline for 5 minutes, so you can fill up your chest. :roll_eyes::joy:


Haha people waiting to revenge does make me laugh expecially during AR. I will raid then use about 18+ flasks the hard way auto play or play myself. Lasts ages haha bout by the time I log off I get revenged soon as, I normally win them all as people waiting and waiting then they mess up.

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I wish our mathematical geniuses would start compiling data on how often the raid chest gets filled to 39/40 before running out of flags :zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve always wondered what the hell you guys are doing all that time… keep trying to raid them, they’re still online. Log off, come back a few hours later, they’re still online… what the heck? Okay. Log off, come back a few hours later again, and they’re still online?

Usually it’s fine, I just go revenge somebody else instead. The ones that annoy me the most are the ones who are offline… I go in to revenge them, get a bad board… ugh. Okay, no biggie, I’ll definitely be able to get them this time…

And then they log on before I can rematch again. :man_facepalming: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I know, it must be hilarious to you guys. I could just sit there and reroll until I find someone who would be easy for me to beat, then run the risk that they could come back after me later… nah, I don’t do that. I don’t like picking on little guys who never did anything to me. I specifically only raid from my watchtower, because anyone who hit me first deserves to be hit back.

What makes me laugh is when someone raids me, then collects their chest loot, and decides to put up their cup dropping team after. Oh how nice! You raided a bunch of us lower levels to steal 10 cups apiece from us… I am more than happy to take 50 back from you now that you’ve let your guard down. :laughing:


Annoying you out of spite.

No, usually I’m doing other stuff in game. If I’m actually idling then it’s probably waiting for some stupid timer — either a raid flag because I, too, am at 38/40 kills or the watch tower collect button so I can log off and not lose all my freaking food/iron that’s accumulating in it.

Would never get enough targets that way. I do only raid teams worth more cups than I lose, or revenges in my tower.


I’m guilty of this, for fun I did a run to see how high I could get in global cups. Well I got high enough I didn’t want the moment to end, big deal for a scrawny guy like me.

Make it a short story, game kicks you after 15 minutes of inactivity and then you get pummeled!


Not if you want to regularly fill raid chests, no. But I have to be in the right mood to do raids. They might be fun for some of you, but they are largely a source of frustration for me.

I believe some people may be using a “program” of some sort to keep them online even when they aren’t actively playing…

Either that, or after they run out of energy flags, they’re hanging out having weird cyber ‘interactions’ in global chat or something. :laughing:

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It’s only in AR that I’m on about 6 hours straight sometimes, onced iv logged off I dont go back in till I have to if someone raids no problem, I actually wait longer to revenge people as I want to get more in ham and Iron as if do it straight away they prob empty there WT. :wink:

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I never put much thought into this. I always take all revenges, no matter how bad the odds are…


So do I for the most part. Though if I only have 1 raid flag left, I tend to skip the harder ones, because I know those might take more than one try to successfully take out… and I get annoyed when I come very close and think, “okay, I see what you did there… I’m going in again, this time I’m taking out that guy first…”

No more raid flags


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Well I’m not sure it would be honest if I said that sort of thing hadn’t happened to me more than once.


It annoys me when the revenge target has less than 15K ham or 10K iron. I’d usually look for another target - sorta like, it’s not worth it. :rofl:

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Raid or don’t raid. The loot is questionable at best and you don’t actually lose anything from your own tower if someone raids you.


You actually do lose ham and iron from your watchtower when you get raided. Not usually enough to be noticeable, unless you get raided several times in a row (which has happened to me a couple of times… I logged in to find I was down 200+ cups and my watchtower was nearly empty of resources…)


True? Well I’ve learnt something today. I always thought that no resources disappeared, only that the amount you have in the watchtower was the reward for the opponent and that reward was constant until you empty the tower.

Just as well I quit really if I didn’t even understand that! Lol

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I don’t think it’s actually a 1:1 loss exactly, though. I think what your opponents gain is more than what you actually lose…

I just know that I’ve had times where I logged in after many hours, and my watchtower should have been full, but it wasn’t… and about 15 jerks had raided me shortly before.

Have also heard that one way to dissuade people from raiding you is to regularly empty out your watchtower, because then they won’t get as much stuff from raiding you.

I don’t know the exact mechanics behind it all… you’d have to ask someone more knowledgeable than myself for details. I only really have mostly a vague idea of how the game works most of the time. :smile:

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I think the resources on offer from raids are only the drawcard up to a certain level. Once players are raiding to stay in diamond, or even to break into that tier, it’s the trophies on offer first and foremost. In my experience anyway. Sure as hell I wasn’t looking at the ham on offer when working up the leaderboard! Lol

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