Forced to raid reroll and lose food? why?

this scenario starts to happen really frequent lately since i revenge more than ussual;

  1. imagine that you “find opponnent” someone; battled him; and you press again the find button but dont raid him; you logout
  2. after an hour you come and wanna use those 2 flags to fill the last 6 points from raid chest; surprise! you cant, because the last guy is online and game asks you to reroll for 2100 food cost;
  3. no biggie i go and revenge someone; surprise… all revenges opp are online?

this is an issue! why do i have to reroll to raid? wasnt that a player option?
there should be am auto reroll if all are online (revenges and last rematch/found opp)

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So at the current state, after we try to revenge but all revengeable opponents are online, when we go to raid tab, we are not automatically provided with a random opponent but asked to reroll?

No. Then you are matched with your last random opp.

But if that last random opp gets online in that minute… And he aint top100, you are forced to reroll…

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sorry, but its not the same thing;

consider this:

  • i dont have revenges; 0 revenges.
  • i press find opponent;
  • i comeback after 1 hour;
  • that opponent is there, online and i cant battle (and i was not raided in that hour)

why do i have to reroll?

i am not reffering to rematch; but last one found before logout; different things

I went…raid…find opponent…the opponent is online,do you want a reroll…it was only possible to raid someone if i did a reroll…all revenges were made from my side in the tower…
So yes there is something not OK with the raid sistem.

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Once you pair, you are sticky-paired. Otherwise, people would avoid paying for rerolls by just logging out and logging back in again, or waiting for the paired person to come online.

Revenges are a free way to break the randomly rolled sticky-pairing and match against someone different, but you don’t then get a free reroll. Otherwise, if you didn’t like your match, you could just click all your revenge targets in turn until you found someone online, and then get a completely new roll for free every time.


i would think it like this:
(and sure its programable)

you have 0 revenges available + you are sticky-paired

and then and only then you have 1 free roll for 3 days;

if someone goes every 3 days to do that for 2100 food, then they are surely not for this game :slight_smile:

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I agree. The game should be obliged to give as an opponent. Then we pay to reroll if we don’t wanna raid that one. But having to pay for a first target is ridiculous.

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It did give you an opponent. You chose not to use it, but that’s not something the game can guess at when you press the button for a new match. I guess they could pop up a box saying “You’re out of Raid Energy. Are you sure you want to match to a new opponent?”

Oh I see the issue now. The only problem was that Boolz VISUALIZED the target he would fight when he gets a new flag?
I had understood he logged on and game draws him an online opponent forcing to reroll

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i agree, but nevertheless this is a glitch. a glitch which forces you to do something that normally you shouldnt.

a solution can be found.

draws the same opponent that was picked before i logout.

rerolling should be a choice, not something forced; as long as it is now exploitable.

Agreed. As long as it isn’t exploitable.

If you roll for an opponent and don’t fight him hoping he’s still going to be available in an hour, that’s your risk. That’s the way I see it.

ok. i give you another example:

im no 150; i roll and i get no 80 (who is online)

and here we get 2 scenarios:

scenario 1: i remember i have to use my war flag, etc for 5 minutes
when i come to raid the no 80 again, surprise! i can raid him because he is online and no 101… forced to reroll…
scenario 2: i raid him, i lose, i rematch and he is now no 101 (somebody else beat him while i was losing); so i have to reroll by force…

anyway; i hope SG will find a solution.

later :wink:

Example #1 gives a case of clumsiness where the player doesn’t remember he has to do other things at a time.
And is punished by being unable to do the attack he previously rolled for on a later time.
I find it ok.

Example #2 describes the player who failed in his raid. Sometimes he can attack for free again, sometimes he can’t (and is therefore mildly punished for failing on a first try). Might be a bit inconvenient, but I find it fine as well.

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