FORCED SPECTATOR MODE?: Exclusion from the war without the consent of the players

I have had 3 issues recently in the same alliance (The Young&The Rest of Us)

2 Wars ago, player Kook24 was excluded. She was in the previous war and made no changes

The current war we are in prep for - user Auntie M opted into the war and was excluded. User Helios opted out of the war and was included.

This is causing problems for those that will not be able to play for real life reasons.

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What is the alliance name please?

So 33 players polled (polled where?) experienced being put unexpectedly into Spectator Mode? Thank you.

It’s our allianceempires

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The survey was conducted in the fan group in VK, this people from different alliances. Yes, they got into observation mode unexpectedly.

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I am raising the banner on this issue to @Petri .

Other players, if you are experiencing this issue, please post below.

Hi, I am writing to know if it is possible to be banned from your alliance by participating in the war?
I enter the page dedicated to the war and I have the message at the bottom of the screen mode viewer, you could give me an explanation about it. Thank you so much and forgive I am new to the site

Do you mean the message that says “You are in Spectator Mode”? Yes, it is possible. Reporting this instance is why this thread exists. :slight_smile:

I also have the problem that I was excluded from the war. I am in FieryPhoenixGems under leiriel, when I went into war tab I was in spectator mode…the box for participation was unchecked. I never uncheck it and have participated in every war. I checked the box and it left me in spectator mode. We have 27 members and opposing team has 28. We have 25 of 27 members who are above level 10 and only 13 are set up to play wars.

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We had a member left out of the last war and we can’t figure out why. Can someone direct us to where individuals opt in and out to be sure the glitch wasn’t on our end? Thanks in advance!

See below


Underneath Settings is the box for participating in wars… although the Settings option might not be in your screen, if you aren’t the leader of the alliance…

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… or co-leader. :wink:

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Hmm. I am the leader and the box is checked. Everyone else was in the war but this one member. He never left the alliance at any time so I’m just not sure why he was not included. Hopefully it was just a fluke and he will be able to participate in the next one.

Here is the missing member if there is a way to check his status

You cannot check the Status. Send Screen shot made by this member. He has to click “war” and sent Screen shot. There is the individual out button.

Were you by chance matched against an alliance with 29 members?

I don’t think it works that way. I believe they determine your apponenr based on the top 30 of your PARTICIPATING members. Formula will still work just with less people.

I have merged this thread with another where we have been collecting folks experiencing this issue.

Just realised, the same happened to my alliance Raging Titans, I was thrown out from the upcoming war, very disappointed

I am having the same issue, but with myself. I am in odin’s Beserkers. Have never left the guild, plenty of heroes, etc. Just went to set up my team and the participate in war box was randomly unchecked. I rechecked it and it has stayed checked, but I am still in spectator mode. How do I fix this?

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