FORCED SPECTATOR MODE?: Exclusion from the war without the consent of the players

After upgrading, players are often automatically excluded from participation in the war by the system without their consent, and there are a lot of complaints from players. In one of the cases shown in the screenshot, active players, including the chairman, were excluded from the war, but for some reason an inactive player was left in the war who was not in the game 4 days old. These changes adversely affect the results of wars. It is not fair to exclude a player from the war without his consent and to give an observer mode.


Seems to be several reports of this happening. Happened to our Alliance as well.

Happened to our alliance as well. We are 30 Members, and one Player is excluded from war.

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Please continue to report this issue. I have heard of this three times now.


  1. You were in your alliance before preparation phase began
  2. The Participate In Wars checkbox is clicked [:ballot_box_with_check:]
  3. You have five heroes saved to defense
  4. You are level 12 or above

Then you should not be in spectator mode.

EDIT: Perhaps of interest…


people, who in the observer mode, by all the rules should have participated, but the system automatically excluded they from the war, this is not the first such case

Yes, if so, please describe such cases. (Do not use a player’s game ID please.)

in this post, people also wrote that they had a similar problem

The Forsaken Misfits have experienced this problem as well last war. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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The chairman of our alliance is online every day, 100% he did not refuse to participate in wars, the team is full of 5 heroes, but he was not allowed to participate in the war, without his consent, he is in observer mode

In my alliance, last war dated 6 October 2018, we had one player excluded from war. he said he didn’t uncheck the participation box. we all figured that he must have been mistaken.

last night, before bed, i send out an alliance wide message in LINE as well as in game that said, make sure your participation box is checked. we all did so and some even confirmed by screen shots in LINE. I personally checked and was assured.

All players are level 12 and above and have full defense teams.

yet, when i awoke this morning after matching, i personally was excluded and am in spectator mode. I would have again thought nothing of it and chalked it up to a mistake; however, we all made note and double checked to assure we were all in participation. My box was checked and i otherwise qualified.

i was excluded against my wish

this is a bug

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This tas happend to me in the upcoming war.

I am by no means a conspiracy theorist, but in my RL job as a beta tester for my company I often hear complaints that seem to not be connected. Some times upon research, I find a connection where I’ve been assured there shouldn’t be.

I say this as I’ve noticed 2 things on the forums (and in our alliances wars) that MAY be connected.

  1. Multiple complaints from active players who post they have been randomly removed from wars. This has often been shrugged off as clumsy tapping while the player was 1/2 asleep.
  2. A few notes in the forums and my own observations that the wars have been exactly matched in numbers since recent updates. Ex. 21 vs 21. Again, I’ve seen very little data on this and would be interested hearing if others are experiencing exact numbers on the field in the past few Wars.

My hypothesis on this: When the system cannot find an exact match between alliances, 1 or more players are randomly removed from the equation.

A personal example from my alliance: We have a very active member who is typically the first to hit in Wars. He’s never missed a war since he joined our alliance. He was removed from our last war. This was not intentional on his part and he does not remember removing the checkmark (Yes, he is clear on how the participation checkmark works. I checked on that.). When the war started, I noted there were 21 vs 21 on the fields.

Again, this is a theory only. I would like more input from other players (that keep track) if their wars have been exactly matched and if players were taken out of participating. I would like to disprove this theory :grinning:

On the flip side, if there’s enough evidence to give weigh to the theory, it would be helpful to SG.


Approximately it is. According to the results of the survey in the VK group, many faced this, in fact, the system thus equalizes the forces, but this is not entirely correct in relation to the players who wanted to take part in the war.

these are survey results

in terms of the number of participants, alliances are approximately equally equal. By the strength of the participating teams, not always.

This is accurate for our case and was a theory we entertained as well. We were 29 vs 28, and ended up 28 vs 28 with one of our top War contributors sitting on the sideline.

@Zizzzzy am I correct in assuming you confirmed your alliance member did not intentionally remove the check? If so, this is what our alliance experienced as well :unamused:

Edit: this was meant as a response to @Zizzzzy but got attached to @Helle. Sorry for the confusion :smile:

Thanks @Helle! Looks like about 1/3 of the response had trouble. :unamused:

I’ve been removed from AW too unintended.

They have stated they did not uncheck the box and that it was indeed enabled when they noticed they were in spectator mode. That’s about as much as I’ve got for confirmation.