Forced reroll if I want to raid


I went to do some raids to fill my heroes chest today, and clicked on “find opponent”. Usually it will just give me a team to raid but this time a message popped up and it said that <> was online and would I like to reroll? I clicked no and tried again but it kept trying to match me with this same person who was online, and I was only able to start my raids when I said that yes, I would reroll. I then paid my ham and was able to start. I know this is normal for trying to revenge a raid from my watchtower, but I’ve never had it happen from clicking on the raid icon from home base. Is this a bug?


Had you been in your watchtower previously?

I think if you’ve viewed an enemy as a possible revenge, it may stay queued up for the next time you raid.

That would then produce the events you saw.


I probably did, but I did go check to see if that player was listed in my recent raids in the watchtower (I thought it might be something like what you suggested) and did not see them. But this has never happened to me before, so maybe it was a one-time bug? I don’t know if that happens!


Also happens if you “find opponent” and then exit, only to return to “find opponent” again some time later.

Happens to me frequently, as I almost invariably press “find opponent” only to notice I’m out of flags and/or I’ve filled the chest … when I later return to raid, the same opponent will be “found”, and if that opponent happens to be online, I get this message.