Force the update

When is this update going through, waiting on SH 25 need to know the levels. Done my updates but still not showing, ridiculous really the update should be the update

Here is the answer from @Petri


Thanks for the reponse. Annoyed I’ve done the update but I have to wait for it to kick in on some elements. Utterly pathetic


Utterly pathetic is the lack of knowledge by some people…

Reading is a beautiful thing, try it sometime


Thanks for the sarcastic reply not really needed at all

Eh don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house

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Any reason why you’re have a go ?

Probly cause you hit the forum with an attitude then complain when someone responds with attitude

Give what you want and you typically won’t get what you didn’t give

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Who made you judge and jury.

Fact is is saw update when I logged into E&P so I ran the update, didn’t read anything but I did expect an update to be the update.

I’ll know in future and I’ll also know to make my posts less “attitude” so I don’t have rigs the almighty on my case

Lol didn’t say i was jude n jury, just responded to your attitude with my own

If you can’t handle it, don’t dish it

Simple as that.

Look at that 2 life lessons in 1 thread + your questions answered about the game…you’re welcome

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Bore off

20 characters

Not even a complete thought lol

Explains a lot.

Anyways your question is answered, so thread can probly be closed, @zephyr1

(Btw Almighty Rigs has a hell of a ring to it, may change my in game name to that, thanks)

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