For those who don't believe

Just did a 10 pull in the Holy elemental and pulled Vivica, Leonidas and Zim as a bonus draw!! I almost fell over. I do have the mats to ascend Vivica very quickly and that is my second Zim in a bonus draw!! What to do with 2 Zim’s??? Also got lucky and pulled the Holy Jackal to go along with Vivica and a fully ascended Joon!! Very, very happy!!



20 yellow characters


2 zims could be used as flanks for your Vivica tank.

I know I can’t wait to have Zim & vivica leveled. just need damascus blades…

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Good point DJ, I didn’t think about that!!

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Love it !!! Funny this reply is!

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Two darks would be better, if you have them :slight_smile:

Sleeper, I have Sartana, Khiona and Quintas. I’m loaded with purple!!

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