For those not long into the Game

Hi all,
I have been playing now for just over 2 months and love it. I have been lucky to work out a few strategies and bumbled along pretty well (thanks to advice and time by @LadyAnesthesia and @RandaPandah)
As 5* heroes are harder to get and Level (as they should) I would like to hear from long time players about their opinions on the following
If you have a full stable of maxed 4* heroes what is Left to Right

  1. Rainbow attack team
  2. Rainbow defense team

Now I know there are squillions of permutations and that each situation is different but I am curious about experienced players opinions if you had to put a general all round Rainbow team together for each

In my limited knowledge my

  1. Rainbow attack team is - Caedmon, Tibertus, Boldtusk, Wu Kong & Grimm
  2. Rainbow defense team not so easy - no idea :man_shrugging:

I look forward to more experienced players opinions


Hey @Sarge66! So glad you’re enjoying the game…….While I defer to @RandaPandah for her in-depth advice and superior knowledge, I am more of a short answer kinda gal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What I try to do for defense is place any hero who has special effects to the far left…say a mana booster or attack down/defense up for example.

The logic being that AI fires your heroes specials from left to right, so you want them to go off first and influence any of your other heroes whose specials are firing next.

For example, I keep Misandra to the far left for the reason that her special gives the rest of my team a little extra mana----so if any others are close to full it may be enough to fire up their specials as well for the same attack sequence.

Another thing I try to be sure I do is keep dark/holy next to each other so if they try to hit one, they may also hit the other with color boost for faster mana gain.

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When I only had 4* heroes to work with, my general-purpose attack team was Tiburtus - Sonya - Boldtusk - Chao - Little John. With that team, I finished all of Season 1 and could raid up to about 2300 trophies. More info here:

On defense, I’ve heard that Kashhrek and Boril are generally the best options for the tank slot. Depending on which one you go with, I might recommend something like this:

Sonya - Tiburtus - Kashhrek - Li Xiu - Kelile
Caedmon - Boldtusk - Boril - Tiburtus - Chao

With those setups, fast dispellers are on the left (to eliminate riposte), then an attack increaser, then tank, then two hitters for the bulk of the damage output.

All recommendations are assuming TC20 heroes only, but event/Atlantis heroes can improve these teams with their different abilities, too.

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I think you will find that not many people use rainbow teams for attack - or at least not most of the time. Color stacking against their tank (guy in the middle) with heroes that are strong against the tanks color is common practice. For example against your setup I would bring at least two blue heroes to help take out boldtusk quickly.

For the defense - you do want to put heroes who debuff the enemies defense, clear enemy buffs or buff your offense to the left of your tank. In general you want your tank to be someone with high defense (shield) and whose special will either help your team survive, hurt the enemy team or preferably both.

Your lineup seems to do most of that pretty well. Without knowing your other heroes its hard to comment.

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Thanks to all and I truly knew there was no quick or right answer.
I am just starting the 2-1-1-1 teams in raids but as with all things in this game it takes time to build up the Levels for multiple heroes but I also see it is the only way to progress in the game.
I am looking forward to a Purple dragon as I want to try Onatel (at 2/60) and Wu Kong (1/29 only got him yesterday) together

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