For those at the end

After 5 years of play, I have un officially quit. At level 86, I am out of obtainable wanted missions, avatars, and new season levels. My alliance has turned into a hangout, as SGG continues to be redundand with its boiler plate Season events, Alliance quests, and S1 titans.
With monthy balance changes, as it is now speculative investing to buy and trainnew heroes is now a waste of time.
SSG really needs to bring in some fresh ideas like Monster Island.
I am tired of autofarming for mats that make no difference, used or un used. Rant over


Anyone who thinks of anything in this game as “investing” really needs to rethink what they’re doing.


All you are investing in is the entertainment value. When it is no longer entertaining there is no reason to invest (unless you find endless frustration and aggravation entertaining). From SG’s perspective it is not worth their while to cater to end gamers who are no longer investing money in their entertainment product.

All that’s left is the Appendix in this book.

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I played for l two years. I also quit last night. After all the OP chars flooded in the game in the last six months I’m done with trying to keep up. They don’t listen to beta testers, they release then nerf. I’ve had it. Money talks and its no longer going to speak with this company. If you no longer feel like you’re enjoying the game then you why play it and that’s the decision I made last night. They don’t really seem to care about the balance of the game anymore, just cash in thier pockets. Too bad, I really enjoyed the game the first year.


Anyone who has spent real time playing this game has refered to buying into E&P as investing. Real investing stands a chance to make actual money. The likelyhood of that happening in here is neglegable