For this Summer bikini Empire&Puzzles heroines contest?

Isnt your post sexist? Lol

Love the pot callin the kettle

Cracks me up everytime

Sjw always good for laughs

Google “cynicism”. The pot of wisdom should be in the Top 3…

Yeah, but then I’d miss out on using my WE flags!


maybe, i not think is much different to fight with 5 star Alice o the santa claus wife

Umm, excuse me, but this post is misogynist, not sexist! Sheesh! You people and your labels…



IMHO es better VIVICA in bikini and not priest Tuck !!

That would be an epic April Fool’s Day joke. Scramble all the outfits among the heroes. Imagine:
Friar Tuck in Athena’s costume
Renfeld wearing Natalya’s threads.
Little John squeezing into Sartana’s outfit.

You’re welcome.



Maybe google that first. You people and your smrtism. :roll_eyes:

You seem to have missed that I was joking, kind sir or madam.

That being said, I’m not sure I understand your point. I don’t think the initial post is necessarily either sexist or misogynyst. Objectification is probably the most accurate word, if we’re really going to try to pinpoint a label, right?


Seeing the very top of Lianna’s head poking out of the top of Thorne’s armor would be pretty funny too.


My Sartana gets new shoes!?!?! Happiness sigh #somethingborrowedsomethingblue

Ahhhhh…the rebirth of my “shopping at Victorious Secret” joke. Lol.

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