For this Summer bikini Empire&Puzzles heroines contest?

Dear SGG Staff , What do you think?
fot this Summer a real beauty contest among the fabulous heroines of Empire & Puzzle
Vivica, Li xiu,Isarnia,Evelin etc etc
with voting of users of the most beautiful heroines in bikini!
C’mon guys !!! what’s your favorite?

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@deltauno No need to wait for summer, it’s already happened:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

lol! tanks bro ! this is amazing!!
it would be nice for the designers to do a series of new bikini images for the summer competition

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

So I take it you don’t think the existing skimpy outfits are sufficient? :laughing:

Maybe you should check out this other thread, one of the few places on the forum where “bikini” appears according to search:


I’m not sure that I would be able to tell the difference between a ‘bikini Athena’ and a normal in-game Athena. The same with Natalya. Is it the robe? I’m not sure :p.

At least in this ‘competition’, we would be assured that Zeline would be wearing ‘underwear’.


You are being summoned…

Also, I do wonder about the picture of the 2019 announcement from devs. Showing Iron Chef Boldtusk / Quintus in the suit with the Iron Quintus suit… I wonder if those are simply cosmetic skins and hopefully can be “earned” (like getting to node 10 or 15 of the talent tiers) instead of having to be purchased in the shops. Would be interesting to be able to swap out costumes for the characters.


Here’s another post to be aware of. Don’t get your hopes up. I don’t think you and the devs plus other community members see eye to eye.

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Lol would be fun

But the sjw in the community would probably start a march to finland :joy:


It would be really easy to tell: they’d be more thoroughly clad. :wink:


Joke item or hero causing balloon heads would satisfy all. :wink:

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Well if I could have put them in bikini’s I would have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: some were near that anyway! LOL.

We did do something very similar and it was a great participation Group! After the ladies were decided we took on the men and then matched them appropriately in the end. In August of 2019 we will be doing it again! Would love for you to join us!

@Shohoku79 I have a feeling if outfits are options, they are likely going to cost GEMS or at least the outfits you would truly want your heroes wearing…


Wow, a sexist post. Didn’t expect that in a game majorily played by men. :smiley:


■■■ was, is and will be the most awesome thing due to keep the species alive and was, is and will be better than crime and violence, which have by far less restrictions to be publicly published.

That’s in fact a church and double morality thing, but at last ■■■ is love and violence is hate.

S€% even here is a censored word, violence and crime aren’t. Think it over…


It’s not about morality or ■■■, it’s about an attitude. Or in other words: I’m not surprised that there’s no “Let’s put heroes in G-Strings” competition - and a Gregory/Richard/so on in a mankini would be IMHO a reason to quit this game.^^


For me both would be childish.
A reason to quit? Nope.
My attitude to that is healthy.

S…ism and martial behaviour belong to violence and crime.

I, as a heterosexual women obsessed with the male body, would LOVE this.
Just don’t bring the chameleon in.


Yikes… can of worms here…

When I saw the 2019 previews with Chef Boldtusk and Iron-Man Quintus I thought we could end up with some interesting costumes on some heroes. I was thinking the seasonal event screen versions of Elena and Richard are good examples for what SGG could do.

Now… this topic has me thinking that they could implement beach-party themed costumes for most heroes… and for that matter any number of themed lines of outfits… all with gem costs… this could potentially be as big or bigger than the avatar/pin/background store…

I am both excited and worried about the possibilities…


yo man, thanks for you answer, i wont see this in august 2019

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ii like very well the idea of new series of clothes for each heros

Some ppl needs to get out more. They really do…

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