"For the payers" list of issues

Heres a list of reasons why I decided to be ftp one year ago and why I havent played anymore after playing for 2 years. These are not in particular order:

  • money grab development features are the only ones prioritized, 4 months in this year and not even news about gaming experience improvements nor QoL
  • gap between ptw and ftp is getting worse
  • no listening to feedback/player base
  • power creep (https://youtu.be/Bxszx60ZwGw)
  • ninjas and ninja tower are simply ridiculous, OP heroes and worst designed event ever
  • goblin balloon was a slap in the ftp face
  • even getting already old S2 heroes is way too difficult, no development of TC or other such features in years
  • lack of eht (insanely difficult to get for ftp)
  • lack of old summon coins (Atlantis, Valhalla)
  • surplus of iron in endgame
  • no real rewards of being loyal to daily playing, latest chest addition to pov is a joke
  • no actual chance to get the hero you have always wanted, ofc lots of money would do the job
  • tournaments. Should a player really be able to buy back in? No
  • I have 15 5* S1 heroes laying around. 0 luck in HA10 since the beginning, HA10 is not a solution to anything

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