For the love of the old game. The new game has lost its path

Yeah, i have “hearted” your post even when flagged.

As a f2p, i give from f2p point of view regarding emblems.
Before emblems, it is almost impossible for me to beat premium player with their premium heroes on their defense (not to mention their maxed troops).
But since emblems era, i personally think it become more balanced. I can win against premium defense using my regular S1 heroes.

Emblems make the game more equal to everyone and u can raid using strategy rather than depend on premium roster collection.

Can u imagine if there is no emblems right now? There’s no way f2p or c2p with S1 heroes able to win the raid against the sharks with GTV team with maxed troops?

If there is no emblems means this game only made for the sharks.

Right now, Emblems bring the balance for every player to enjoy this game, and as f2p i thank SG for the emblems :blush::pray:


Agree but many people usually miss a fact that you earn money by satysfying your customers needs.
You dont earn money on sucky products (not consistenly).

Probably Ep just caters to average players that dont even know about this forum.

In my guild there are many players playing 3+ years, they dont spend too much but usually have grat rooster of 5s and hit titan everyday and attend every war.
It is what it is,nothing more







I love Witcher 3. I’ve put 1000 hours into it and completed it numerous times to do all the different endings.

At the end of each play through I have all the the top loot as I know exactly how to get it. I know where all the Gwent cards are and I never lose the top end tournament game in it.

Each play through became less and less appealing and the last time I just couldn’t face it. I was done with the game, nothing more to do, no secrets left to upturn.

So now it’s not even installed. Yet my overriding memory of the game is how awesome it was. Not how I burned myself out on it.

If I was recommending it to someone I wouldn’t start with “well, I got to the point where I couldn’t lose a fight no matter how I played it”. I’d tell them how immersive it all was and maybe give them a couple of little hints so they don’t miss a vital Gwent card and then let them enjoy it.

Empires & Puzzles should be same. When you’ve got to the point where there is nothing left to learn or discover then in any of other game you’d just start again or play something else. This different is E&P has usually required a Monetary commitment far in excess of a standard game if you want to beat it. So rather than shrugging and putting it down you feel entitled to more stuff, more challenge etc etc because you feel like they owe you it.

Well, SGG doesn’t owe us anything. You’ve beaten the game and now you are bored but that’s on you. They will make the new content they want to as its there game not ours. Your choice is simply do you like it enough to keep playing and it sounds like you don’t.

So take a break, try something else. You don’t need to burn your castle down, you can just uninstall it like people do with games all the time. After a couple of weeks you will have found something else to do with the new found time you have.


But I want to see @Tpenn video of him feeding his maxed and emblemed heroes to 1 star heroes.


Seen a few videos online of people doing exactly that.

Here’s a short version.



Man, I don’t know what to tell you… I’ve played only for 4 months… And since the day 1, it was not about winning or losing… It is fun. That’s it. Fun. I will be playing as long as it’s fun. If this game stops being amusing, I’ll say goodbye to my team mates and that’s it.
We all get the boards you can’t win in a million years, and some boards you can defeat almost anybody. And there’s a middle ground where things are uncertain. Where it can go both ways. Those are amusing moments… And there are a lot of them.
So, I share some life (not game) wisdom with you. If you don’t enjoy the game anymore, go. Find something that brings joy to you. We all will do the same when the time comes. Peace.



Not how the game does or has ever worked(tho 7DD still hasnt lost a war since February as far as i know, i don’t think that was ever intent of design, just group of players using strategy and money to beat the system but other teams will catch up at some point considering the game has a power cap that levels out the playing field and they just happened to get there before the rest of us)

Even with emblems, this is still doable. There are still players who have won 70%+ of their 1 shot attempts in 2020

It’s a business

Look around the forum and youtube, the biggest marketing tool for SG is other players

Just don’t join Saders

Any game with “odds” involved can be compared to gambling. Anyone that is just now finding this out and has played for more than a couple hours…should probly spend more time reading books and less time playing video games

Your overall message of wanting SG to change things is clouded by venting your pesonal frustrations with your gameplay success

SG should make some changes but to help players reach a level of being unstoppable isn’t a reason in my honest opinion

Emblems have skewed the game with bigger defenses and smaller offenses when we were so used to the opposite, i agree with this and some changes could/should be made. But if they were to do it so that big spenders could be “unstoppable” that would be a pretty unfavorable outcome for any player looking to be competitive

@Xero786 @Anchor respect to both of you. But if you guys are pushin for changes, i don’t think this is the right spokesperson. Just my 2 cents.

@Math4lyfe @SADERSpanda @ChelleATC
I’m not there and the choice is yours but my personal advice would be to keep the door locked to this guy.


The game is definitely still fun in the first 4 months. I’ve almost reached the 2 year mark myself. There are still fun aspects to it, but…? The reality is that you reach a certain point to where most of what you’re doing is mindless grinding. And unless you’re willing to spend a bunch of money? You’re not going to be able to pull most of the heroes you want, or even final ascend them for that matter.

I still play casually, because of nostalgia, and because I’m still waiting and hoping that maybe some day I’ll pull more of the things I want. Probably will never happen, but whatever. As a casual, I don’t really worry about it anymore. Did 2 pulls in Atlantis this month: got a 3* Atlantis hero that I already had, and a 4* Season One hero that I already had. :man_shrugging: Wasn’t disappointed because I wasn’t expecting anything different. Been playing for long enough to know that’s just how it goes. Maybe next month? But probably not, unless I plan on spending a small fortune (which I do not).


I started playing December 26th, 2017.

I was 100% FTP through my first 8 months.

I spent money from about September 2018 through May 2019. Very little at first, then moderate, then a lot for about 2 months, then moderate, then very little. But I never broke the bank.

I’ve stopped spending in May of 2019, Marge was my last HoTM while spending (though I did get VIP and the Valentine’s special).

I climbed to global #11 for the first time in November of 2018 with Grimm, Boldtusk, Obakan, Grimm, and Caedmon.

I’ve been global #1 as many times as I’ve pushed for it, and I do have to work for it. It’s a grueling effort so I don’t make pushes often.

I took a month off from the game (and all phone activities) in November 2019; which had less to do with the game and more to do with me talking a mental health break from technology.

So 2 1/2 years of play, with 9 months of spending, and a month away of no growth.

I can still reach global #1 if I want, though I don’t make pushes for it like I used to. And I admit it has become increasingly difficult.

My current defense team, which I haven’t changed in ages is 4,414.

I rest at ‘about’ 2,600 cups.

I range from 3 - 6 one shots in War against 4,300 - 4,600 teams. Averaging about 4 or 5 per War. I make a habit of trying to go after tougher teams.

My allliance ranges from 150 - 300 rank. The average allliance we face has 20 - 25 Tellys, most with Vela, too.

I raid only with Zim, Tarlak, Mitz, Alby, GM, which I’ve been raiding with since about December 2019. I never change it, regardless of defense.

I win most of my raids. Though I don’t have a win rate. If I had to guess, I’d say 60 - 75%. Almost all have GM/Telly/Vela.

I recognize that spending had given me advantages, and I’ve lost some of those advantages by not spending, but I’ve accepted the fact that I’m ok not being a top player. I’m ok working to beat better competition. I’m ok losing. I’ve acknowledged RNG has a part in it all. I’ve also acknowledged that despite not getting all the shiny new heroes I can still be competitive.

My counter point to the OP is, if you’re at (or at least near) the top, as long as you’re ok not achieving God status, there’s still plenty to be competitive, and succeed. If you think there is absolutely no skill involved, then I’d like to thank RNG for blessing me beyond many of my counterparts.

You don’t have to leave just because you’re tired of spending money. I mean, leave if you want. If it’s not fun being more competitive, then bail. But you have choices if you stay.


Exactly. He lost me at “a direction far from its original design… one day you will be able to enjoy raid victories over the 80% mark as it should be.” The game design is that he wins all the time? I think this illuminates much of the attitudes among that small group of very loud, very opinionated, but unrepresentative voices and their crusades against, among other things, mercing and now emblems and facing “boring” wars against all those alliances at their level. They wanted to buy easy and plentiful victories and pull up the ladder so no one could close the gap. Mercing was the first threat that let others ascend a lot of 5*s and they lost a lot of their headstart before they were able to stop it. Now SG isn’t so accommodating and we have this rash of manifestos on how everything has “gone wrong”. Gone wrong denoting they personally are not having the “fun” they anticipated being the only superpower in a world of peasants with pointy sticks.

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Emblems provide a secondary mechanism for leveling up heroes beyond their original max.

Of course they create an imbalance, you can only emblem so many heroes. Many players concentrate on embleming their defense. Others concentrate on embleming their most useful heroes. Yet others choose a midway line between those two. Whichever way you go, some part of your lineup will fall behind. Or maybe all if you choose to spread your emblems out a lot.

Eventually, as players gain more and more emblems things will balance out again. It just may take a couple years.


This is it, applause for the comment. I don’t get these sudden awakenings of some experienced players… This game was always spending dependent, but more importantly, even if you don’t spend much, you will find your “club” - gold, platinum, diamond arena, mid-range alliance… Find your place in the game and the way to be competitive, by being creative. If you want. If not… It’s just a game, after all.


So to entirely contradict the OP, as a statistics guy, I would like to show just a peak into what is like to be a well run, amazing alliance full of team players. Yes we spend but I think only 1 or 2 members have level 30 troops, most are still working towards their first set of lvl23 mana troops. So without further ado, here are the stats both team and individual since Telluria became prevalent on April 1.



Ooooo broke out the stat vault

Bold move…i like it


This is the lobby reading material…the vault has nuclear launch code level security.


Hahaha true true…

Gotta add this one for context on the match-ups… :kissing_heart:

(Blue color = have won @ Cap … not including today’s results yet)


F…i miss u guys lol