For the love of the old game. The new game has lost its path

Was the Hulk a founding member of that group too?


Did you feed all your heros away too?

I can’t hear all the complaining about the emblems anymore. Even in the old times with no emblems I managed it to get on #12 in the ranking, and I didn’t have a top rooster these days.
Also the crying about the money. Nobody forces anybody in this game to spent some money. It’s all your own decision.
Only thing I admit is that SG doesn’t listen to the beta testers and that they nerf heroes after releasing them.

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Sg started in early 2013. The game was released 10 months later.

I can still take the number one slot any time i want. I can achieve most anything i desire.

However if you only attack the strongest team emblems keep you to 50% win rate.

Tbh i can go all fully leveled 4* and take the one spot globally if i have enough food flasks and time to burn.

If anyone thinks taking the one spot is about skill your wrong. Its about spending. Read our alliance description. It states. #no spending.

Reaching number one ranking is not an achievement. Any player can do it. If you believe its an achievement then you are the thinking that makes sg rich

March 1, 2017 was when it was available on the Google Play Store.

Their 2nd Anniversary was March 2019

You could have maybe played a different SG game in 2014?


Remember an old Line discussion on who on the forums would be on the short list for mayor of my favorite town? I present this as exhibit 276.

Mostly though, just wanted to post here as a shameless self congratulatory post about Telly era win rates… coming for that top spot, Petard and BB, just keep my seat warm

How you dare suggest it!


The article isn’t correct. It launched March 2017.

I’m not sure if you are kidding or serious…seriously :slight_smile:

If i recall correctly is not perfectly “legal” to sell your account.

So at least… don’t say it so openly?

Look at your own link. Read it!

They said in 2016 EP is still in early version.

2013 is the birth of the company.

11 months before the article is published is the birth of EP. As the article is published in Feb 2018, 11 months earlier would be March 2017.

10 month old is how mamy months EP needed to make the company profitable.

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@Tpenn can you post screenshots of the game 5-6 years ago?

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I remember E&P in 2013. Back them we had to fight titans with wooden blocks, in the snow, uphill both ways. None of your fancy spells, tiles, and weaponry you kids on your scooter hoverboards seem to have these days.

Closest thing we had to a Telluride was a Skittleskull, and it took 4 months to acquire mats.


And game chat was a giant slate that you chiseled on.


Occasionally a thread here has me truly in derisory LOL mode. This was one of them. I am still not sure if the OP was just trying to be funny, deadly serious, or exhibiting outrageous trumpery.

I have been playing since Dec. 2017. On average I have spent about the equivalent of 1 cup of coffee a day and have ‘only’ 28 maxed 5*s.

The key to fun is to find the right alliance. Mine - Global Titan Slayers - is currently at 23 members, one of whom is a beta tester. We are looking for more who share our general perspective: (I could insert additional marketing material here; intergenerational, multi timezone etc.). Our last war was a nail-biter, down to the last 5 minutes and 2 flags left on each team. We came from behind and won by about 40 points. We have lost many by similar margins. War strategy can be complicated. That is one major reason why the game is still fun for us.

E would add:
SGG screws up from time to time, but then has to figure out how to fix their issues. In the entertainment business customer loyalty and enthusiasm is key, and they have enough free cash flow to study their market more closely than most Forum posters can conceive. Most businesses in this space would be running A/B tests, making slight adjustments in user experiences and seeing which tweaks deliver extra responses (in revenues or just in hours spent). I think they are doing a great job.

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I totally agree. I stopped playing at around level 65. It just wasn’t fun anymore. God knows I’ve spent a lot of $$$ on this game. Others have spent more than me…way more than me. I’ve adjusted my emblems so many times that it’s gotten to the point where I gave up. There’s just no way for me to catch up. It’s like cat and mouse game. It reminded me of why I also quit WoW.

I don’t think TPenn asked to be unbeatable or a god-like player. I sense an honest frustration and a desire for strategy to be more effective. It’s fun to be able to be competitive. I’m only a year in, but I have that same wish to keep getting better and mastering strategy.

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I’m trying to stay out of this thread but I can’t help wondering. Compare the original post here to the one that TPenn posted 17 months ago, and yet somnething keeps him in the game.


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