For the love of the old game. The new game has lost its path

I wanted to write this as a message to all ep players and to give advice on what the true odds, results and top level playing offer you. There is no thread to tell people how playing is at the highest levels and that is the purpose of this thread. I have lost so many friends at the level 70+ and i on e was not able to understand but now i can. Mag has been an ally in beta so i thank him for his help, zero is doing his part to try to make positive change and i hope he prevails but i doubt sg will listen. My hats off to you my kit kat eating friend. Anchor is also trying and they all have my respect.

I am currently playing with the alliance “values”. We are ranked #1 on occasion and stay in the top 20 most days.

A little about me…

I have played for 5-6 years. Ive played with many top alliances. Im a beta tester and Ive had my good days and bad. Ive spent a lot at the hopes that more heros will increase my power and make it so that i can have the heros to help me be unstoppable. As of current i have 59 fully leveled 5* heros. My mana troops start at lvl 11 and go up to lv 29. I have 4 mana troops all above 11 for each color. Each color has a 11, 17, 23, and 29 mana. Crit are 2 over 17 of each color.

My war defense is all level 19 and 20 emblems and only those worth 20 emblems get them and few are worth it imho.

I had the idea once that i could collect these Cool heros with cool abilities and stack them with other heros, use my wit to make the most amazing teams and by that means, rise to a level where i could win most any fight. Well war is war and raid is raid.

I now realize that because of emblems that i cannot have the consistent wins in raids or war. I spend and spend and spend. The result is the same. I loose often not due to lack of skill and talent. I loose due to the fact that emblems have made this game so far skewed to defense that winning has become only a thing of luck. People are addicted to winning, not loosing regularly and sg doesn understand that nor do i feel will they listen. No amount of heros, troops or emblems will make up for this. I am phasing out the game and in a few months will be feeding my lvl 80’s to my 1* in order to kill my desire to start back up. Zero and @Anchor have made lots of valid points.

Zero has asked sg to fix the emblem issue and they have 100% ignored him and all other beta testers.

I have joined up with anchor and his advice is convincing me to quit. This game has drifted in a direction far from its original design and the idea is to make you think by spending soooo much more that one day you will be able to enjoy raid victories over the 80% mark as it should be (some peoples thinking not all) 6 years into playing. I can attest to the fact that will never occur unless you raid only against the much weaker teams. I only raid against the strongest players to test the fact of wit and time played vs sg’s direction.

Now that it is evident that sg is 100% money driven i can attest that the intent is to make you think by spending a little u will rise to the level and actually win regularly one day. The fact is you can never rise to that level. I have stopped spending money. Im simply done. I will be leaving values and all other top alliances and moving down the chain of high ranked teams and joining others. Why you ask? I want to join others on line, spread the word here and on whatsapp and discord and get my message out and share my experience.

I think the gambling should be know by all. It should be brought into check, and i feel all should have the knowledge that i have obtained from my years and years of game play.

I would like to thank you @Anchor for encouraging me to put my life and family first and supporting me in showing me how bad of a direction this game is taking. Anchor is dedicated to pushing sg to save this game but i know industry and i feel he will accomplish nothing.

I wish you all luck and i hope you all find whatever satisfaction it is that you look for in this game. Just try to understand what is actually realistic in your hopes of this game. The summons, the raids, the win percentages are all completely separated from skill. There is no skill. Most wars i score over 220 going against 100% tells and teams over 4650 tp. But there are wars ive struggled to score 100. I promise. This game has nothing to do with skill. It never will so please realize that guys and play accordingly.

Good luck to all


So your end goal was to be unstoppable? As in no one could stop you winning?

I’m not questioning the rest I just don’t understand this part. Because if you are unstoppable then what’s the point? Why even play a game where the end goal is to get to a god tier level?? Why is that so important?

And now since you can’t have it so everyone else cannot defeat you and you never lose you’ve now decided to say the game is rubbish and only wants money??

I mean it’s the most contradicting comment I’ve ever read tbh.


The point is to not be unstoppable but to go against the biggest teams and be able to win at least 50% of the time. I figured people may read it wrong. The facts are wins are not skill. It is simply board luck and emblems have made it so that the losses are many and loosing is just not fun. That was my purpose.

Zero has pointed out the emblem issue in beta and devs are ignoring his in depth knowledge of the game. So for those of you who are frustrated it will only get worse


I see this time and time again about SG not listening. SG is a business that make s $Millions per month off this product, their product. Don’t expect this to change at all because it wont. Everything SG develops in this game has one goal in mind - will it bring in lots of revenue and if the answer to that question is yes, then it is followed up by them asking themselves is it the best option or is there a better option that will bring in more revenue.


I appreciate what you’ve written. I’m not at the level your at but I have noticed the emblems made a big difference in the game. Before the emblems you could use wit or skill to figure out a team that should beat a defense. I would even occasionally do some math to verify my “gut” feeling about my offense.

Since the big changes it’s just a random gamble that requires neither skill or wit to win. You just push attack and hope for a good board. We all know that boards determine the outcome of an attack but it’s even more impactful with defense teams emblemed up with max troops.

I hope they find a way to bring the challenge back to the game.


Hmnnn. I guess that’s the price of being in top alliances. Good thing we are far from that.

You have been playing for E&P for 5-6 years? I thought it started in 2017 (release of HOTMs, that is). Well, I think it is time you feed already your valuable heroes to 1 star heroes. You need to quit. 5-6 years is too long for only a mobile game. You have spent countless time and money and immeasurable effort on this. I hope more veteran players quit and feed their heroes similar to what a player did on youtube. It is time for fresh blood to excel in special events.

Wish you luck and the best, @Tpenn.


If it feels like 5-6 years, it’s probably been mostly bad. Lol

E&P launched March of 2017, it’s just over 3 years old.


And, they’ve grossed more than $500 Million since. I think they know what’s best for the game.


What does that have to do with ANYTHING I said?


Maybe the OP is one of the developers or IT employees. Was able to play 5-6 years ago as one of the original beta testers. Got booted from work, maybe. Now this. Ta-dah!

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Consider it a gift of supplementary information.

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I must confess that I got totally confused over the 6years playing…more so that it was emphasized in two separate paragraphs…

@Tpenn are you saying 6yrs of playing starting from other games you’ve played?

A few months is actually good to take for cool off, I have seen players coming back refreshed after such break…same is good for any activity tending towards burn-out.


I totally agree emblems are what unbalanced the game, since the start of it i saw nothing but trouble, i think however costumes were a great deal in enhancing the regular S1 heroes to the current meta, but emblems far off imo, now the ship has sailed.

Strategy and skill have no longer the same weight as it did before, without a balanced set of varied tanks we are doomed to face the same trio-quartet-quintet over and over (with emblems). The game has become more boring in that sense, more luck based (boards) than pure strategy rpg.

Yes winning is always fun but more than that i would like to see some value in our rosters, but many heroes grow to become obsolete and weaker by the day (as stronger ones come around) so we have to decide weather to keep up with the meta, continue doing pulls for new cards or just enjoy what u got and make the best of it, switch on the Zen Mode :slight_smile: as some have here in the forum

The thing about emblems is a hero is dropped in a random category, so many are out of context, And when you costume up a hero he changes emblems to another random category like Rigard being a ranger (hitter/sniper) when he is a healer. That doesn’t make sense.

Look for the good stuff that keeps u in the game and enjoy what u can! Let the old music play :grin: this music of nowadays :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Kia Ora Tpenn and thank you for your heartfelt post. I concur with you on most of your points and congratulate you on your decision to act as an experienced voice to warn others. I have recently pulled back from this game myself having spent 2 years building. Once Zynga took over I felt that money had become the prime and overriding focus of the developers. In the rush to exploit the cash cow of engaged players the developers have, for me wrecked the community. I have reduced my E & P time and will find a new game to occupy my time, energy and scant financial resources.


As a ftp (was ctp for a few months) I think emblems were a great addition. They have enabled me to keep in the same ballpark as the big spenders (without actually catching them). They make some of my 4* heroes borderline 5* or my S1 5* compete with HOTM 5*.


If I could like this post 1000 times I would. Thank you for taking the time to relay such valuable information from a veteran player. It serves as a great warning for people to watch what they a putting into this money grab. I’m not saying going totally free(which I am) is necessary, but it is a cautionary tale to people who think that spending hundreds of dollars a month will eventually put them at the top. There is no top. There is no skill. It’s all luck. Putting your hard earned money into this game is absolutely absurd. The corporation cares nothing for the people who play this game as evidenced by its total lack of consideration, let alone communication. I admire you for putting your thoughts out there, but I do agree a small break might be in order to let cooler heads prevail. And if not, you do you and wipe this game from your mind. I hope everyone reads this and realizes that they are pouring money right down the drain. Cheers to you and good luck in your future endeavors.


Guess it is both a flashy way to leave the game, and an insurance to not return.

If you are addicted to alchol, you better not keep bottles in your house.

That said, i’m also a bit confused here.

The 6 year thing, all this hate for emblems (i honestly think it was a brilliant/clever idea, and a solution to NOT introduce 6* heroes), saying you will feed your heroes in a few months (months???), and your almost unrelenting way to say people wins only by luck and not by talent.

Partly true, but so?
It was like this right from the start.

You probably win less then before even though you spend same or more.

That’s kinda a good thing for me.

Assuring all the best heroes doesn’t guarantee to win more then me.
That’s kinda refreshing.

Big spenders can struggle same of all of us.

If emblems are the problem and new heroes doesn’t help… cease to spend for new heroes!
Re-arrange your emblems.
Try to find other ways to get more.

I don’t know… it almost seems the cry of a kid that don’t win everytime.


Maybe because I am C2P, bought only annual VIP, I find myself that all of my my hard work on grindings has paid off… I got decent rosters with emblems, troops, costumes, ascension materials and many more.

I have friends who pay and pay for things in the game for the last 2 years, and I think they have quite the same feeling as you…

The only thing that keeps them playing is alliance friend and community (I and my friend created country community which people in the same language can join). Otherwise they probably would have quitted by now.


Yeah 100%. Not sure why I was flagged though? Wasn’t intended to be a snippy response :joy: