For the love of... need a solution to duplicate heroes!

It can’t… the game is already in decline.

How do you get big spenders to continue wasting their money if you give them a free option at gaining new “rare” heroes?

That idea would cost them a fortune.
Forget it

Yeah, I did forget it. Where was the argument?

I think the only system they might go for is trading in the dupes for emblems or perhaps now aethers

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Agree SGG will never add options that take away their profits.


What about this. Every 5 of same heroes could be exchangeable for random hero of next season. For instance. 5x thorne could be changed for random S2 hero. Another 5 of same S2 hero(for instance missandra) could be changed for random S3 hero. 5 copies of same S3 hero could be changed for random S4 hero.


With this I could get a S4 5* with 600 Thornes :laughing:

Which unfortunately is still probably more likely than me pulling one from the portal.

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Might not be a good idea. Especially for limit breaker mats. Big spenders will have enough aethers to limit break everybody

I think that would be fair, cause they did spend good money for those dups

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In other games I’ve played you use dupe heroes to strengthen your main hero in some way (often by boosting the special stats or adding a secondary effect).

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But a solution for duplicates would increase their profits, if done properly!

I get it: developers do not want to implement a feature that allows you to trade duplicates for new heroes of your own choosing. The best they could offer was the Hero Academy which is nice in some ways but a complete catastrophe concerning the duplicates problem.

So, what else is there? For example a feature that allows you to trade your duplicates NOT TO OTHER PLAYERS (everybody knows that is very unlikely to happen) but for food would be nice! Duplicate legendary heroes are very rare to get, but I would gladly trade my duplicates for let’s say 20 Giant Food Bundles each. :slight_smile:

Even a feature that allows you to trade for example 10 duplicates for one new legendary heroes of your own choosing would increase their profits as you would have to get those duplicates first (and pay lots of money for it) in order to trade them later to the system!

Please think about it again: there is a way to make players happier while increasing your profits the same time! Just don’t wait any longer, please. @Staff_SGG @staff @Petri

@Guvnor Is there any way to draw more attention to this topic? Or do you think I am wrong with my arguments?


Business enterprises are thick-skinned & SG is no different… they are sleepinG over this aspect = not in any way a priority… bcoz, there are other ways to get players engaged to spend…

This is a foolish strategy, especially in the 4th Year of operations… bcoz, fatigue / emotions of seeing those duplicates is already rising… = QoL needs serious attention over repeated parroting “game -economy” terms all the time…
while S1 duplicates can be fed away… some Atlantis & most S3 / S4 duplicates are still useful but ascension mats are simply not available ! (mainly speaking about 5-stars)

Since SG is making lots of money thru summons, wish some sense / ethical - integrity rises there & they come out with a solution in this regard…!


I would also like to offer a different point of view I haven’t seen so far yet.

Pretty much this entire thread has been to trade duplicate heroes in for other heroes/resources/gems/you name it. This would of course be amazing and I fully support it.

Although, I wouldn’t mind a change in the game regarding of the usage of duplicate heroes. I saw some people commenting that they are not going to HA10 their dupe cobalt/elizabeth because they are so good and hard to get. Those are amazing heroes and you would think of maxing both your original and duplicate. Unfortunatly, the need of duplicate 5* heroes is very very slim. Why would you take another Cobalt without emblems (because of emblem competition with your original Cobalt) in war if you have a emblemed Thorne?

I personally would love to see one of the solutions implemented with the idea of actually using duplicate heroes. Not only being able to use them but also in a way that it is beneficial.

Of course Ninja Tower/Magic Tower/Tavern of Legends has this to some extend. I don’t know how the magic tower will work out but with some smart play and willingness to use battle items in those event it kinda discards the real need of duplicate heroes.


They should keep it the way it is, so they can increase player frustration and people get tired and leave.

I’ve pulled 30 to 40 pulls in each of the last 8+ separate events. Got some 5* stars…all S1 dupes.

As we progress through season 4, then 5, 6, 7 and more new events and don’t pull any new 5*'s…really why keep spending.

Personally, I went from spending very little, too more, then probably too much and now I am over it.

I don’t want nor need another Marjana, Quintus, my 5th Obakan etc pulling in new events.

Please I implore you to keep it the way it is, so you will drive this game into the ground and all you will have is whales and free to play people.


I applaud those who keep putting up suggestions - at this point I can’t imagine having that tenacity. I’ve noticed a language switch - QoL, ‘maintains the economy’ and ‘player requests’ versus flaws in the game - even players (?) who talk about being able to take all their dups and convert them in the HA (a laughable prospect as anyone with experience knows). I believe that this shift is a pretty strong indicator of SG’s intent to deal with this issue (to say nothing on the length of time that has passed with NOTHING being done about it). So - it is up to the player to decide if this issue is a problem - and to act accordingly. Speaking for myself, every day that I play comes as a surprise to me; my farms and mines turn yellow and my supply of ascension items is embarrassingly large. But no money flows from me - to spend would only encourage further neglect of the issue SG has acknowledged exists; trying to shift the language? naw …


Not sure if something like this was proposed, but I think it’s possible to setup a system where you can use duplicates to improve your chances during your next summon.

Setup a limit so the odds are capped at some number, say 50% increase. Then determine what each 5* hero is worth per sacrifice. For example, if each dup is worth 10%, then you sacrifice 5 duplicates to max out your odds. Then you can go into the summon portal you want, S4 for example, and now you have 51% chance for featured hero, 50.6% (or whatever) for non-featured, 51.3% for HotM, and 51% (or whatever) for S1. This percentage is RESET after the first time you pull a 5* or at the end of the summon (you should just quit the game if you end up with nothing after a 30 pull at 50+% chance of 5*). This will encourage bigger pulls, and doesn’t guarantee anything in return (how SGG likes it). There’s still good chance you end up with S1 5* which means you just clean out 4 roster spots :stuck_out_tongue:


Space really starting to become an issue at level 77. Cost to upgrade is 450 gems and my recent level up only netted me 1 extra hero slot. I’ve scrutinised all my heroes, fed away every 3 and 4 star I feel is mediocre, and today I fed away my first 5 star dupe, Alexanerine (whom I consider a mediocre hotm). It was still painful even though I didn’t want two of her. I just can’t get on board with such a tiny reward for feeding a 5 star.

Still waiting SGG for this solution…

I feel your pain …
I currently have 45 duplicate 5* ……
I was hoping for some solution to duplicate 5* but have accepted that none will come from SG anytime soon.
But I do HA10 on a weekly basis but for the majority it’s a dupe S1 5* in and a dupe S1 5* out lol.
So today I fed away 5 x S1 5* duplicates to Costume Azlar…. Ah well

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One good option imo would be a trade up system. For example if they made more HA options that let you trade up dupes to get a new hero.



cost: 2 mil food, 2 mil iron, 300 recruits, 7 days
Trade in any 3 S1 heroes and get:

  • 50% chance of another S1 hero
  • 30% chance of S1 costume
  • 20% chance of non-dupe S2 / seasonal / event /past HotM (whatever is in HA10 currently)


cost: 300 gems, 3mil food, 3 mil iron, 300 recruits, 14 days
Trade in 3 heroes of the SAME season/set and get:

  • 100% chance of a non-dupe hero in the same set/season (i.e if you put in 3 HotM, you will get a different non-dupe HotM, if you put in 3 S3 heroes, you will get a different non-dupe S3 hero).

Something along these lines :man_shrugging:

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