For the love of... need a solution to duplicate heroes!

thanks for starting this discussion. I would not worry about it getting merged with another thread - at least, the old thread is bumped up, new replies will appear, and this will also help show just how much interest there is in solving this problem! (and if SG ever does read it again, it’s all in one place).

Sadly, the latest Q&A and the recent priorities of SG do not give me much hope for this. Even something like allowing for multiple retrainings in HA 10 would already be a big help…

although SG did mention in the Q&A, they are aware that buying new roster slots can be expensive. I for one, would be satisfied with free new roster slots that allow me to keep more dupes, while also having enough space for a growing roster and for feeder heroes! I hate having to pay gems for more roster space, especially now I have to pay 200 gems for every 5 new spaces…

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I don’t see a problem with eating duplicate 5* heroes. Of course, one can always keep 10-15 lousy duplicates total as HA 10 retrain (now with the new costume option it is viable) but other than that - why keep them? I mean, do you keep 10 Melendors at 1/1 because they are useful 4*s?

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I would only keep 3-5 dupes myself in fact, I don’t need 10. considering:

  1. HA10 cannot be queued, so I really only need 1 dupe at a time plus a few spares in case I get someone good
  2. HA10 rates for getting a non-vanilla are super low
  3. I have 17/20 of the vanilla 5*s so only missing 3
  4. and if I get a costume of one of the 17 5*s I already have, I likely will only need the costume and not the base hero

Roster space is my bigger concern, not so much dupes.


After Sg’s answer regarding dupes, i started feeding them off… I won’t hold my breath that they will do something meaningful in the future :confused:


A long time ago—before HA10–I reduced my dupes down to three apiece, and later down to two, just to make room. I’m a cheapskate. :grin:


we need system to sell unwanted 5 stars. something like turn in 10 of 5-star heroes and you get a rainbow gem. use rainbow gem to summon one 5-star hero that you do not have yet, guaranteed. or trade in one 5-star hero for 1000 emblems. etc


Something like that but way less generous is more realistic. I’m not sure what the lowest I’d take for a 5* is but I’d probably go for 50 emblems. Better than spending 1000 gems for more slots.

They mentioned “benefits” from duplicates:

But given the following idea that improving HA is too risky as stated here:

I would guess that their solution will be something similar to

But maybe less. That might disrupt their ability to sell emblems.

Something right up their alley would be like 2-5 EHT. That exchange is set so that they’ll always profit, by reducing dupe 5* on benches for mostly food. They can market it as ‘getting an extra chance at a better hero’, when 90% of the time, it’ll be for all 3/4* heroes.

The best thing they could do is say that any duplicates of a hero don’t count towards the limit of your roster slots.

That would make a ton of goodwill not cost them anything and be only a minimal impact to people buying slots now.

It would actually make them money encouraging people to pull knowing dupes won’t fill them up.


After getting a 5th Elradir last night, I think you’re probably right, SGG has no serious plans to address this issue because no solution benefits them. As painful as it it to do, if your queue for HA10 is like mine (30+ duplicates now waiting in line) feeding dupes to the first one of the same hero so you get the biggest % chance to up the skill level I think is the only thing left to do. :unamused:


Since limit break is already live and running, and there’s no way out of it. I would like to suggest duplicates be used to limit break the hero itself.
If I’m not mistaken, limit breaking with Aethers open up 5 levels, and there are 20 levels in total to be “limit broke”.
One duplicate can be used to limit break one level (or 2, whatever), so that duplicates up to 20 would be of value.
This way, the game would still be balanced, as the majority of duplicates would be S1 heros (and possibly HOTM), you won’t be able to leverage this for powerful heros like Finley, Jabberwok or Elizabeth.
This usage would also justify the value of 5* duplicates, as the majority of them are costly to acquire, and eating them as exp feeders would hurt too much.


Trade a legendary hero for a matching color *5 Aether. So with 5 dupes one maxed legendary can be Limit Broken.


Well, this is even better, mine is more restrictive.

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