For the love of... need a solution to duplicate heroes!

Imagine my reaction when after 20+ retrains i got my first non S1 hero and it was a duplicate Atomos (i had 7 out of all the possible outcomes).
But yesterday i got Drake Fong whom i really wanted so im happy, but HA is underwhelming still.


solution for duplicates: “it is never gonna happen” signed sealed and delivered by SG


I’m actually just starting to eat most of them. I got a few new season 4s I’d like to keep and really don’t want to pay for more space. It’s incredibly disheartening, to say the least, when an easy solution to this could have been hashed out, literally, years ago. It’s such a horribly missed opportunity for SG to generate some goodwill.


Dear Devs,

may I kindly remind you to your promise to find a suitable solution for duplicate heroes? It is urgent - especially with the increasing speed of releasing new heroes many players feel overwhelmed with.

It’s just not an option to feed away for example a duplicate Cobalt or HotM of any kind since the appearance rates are incredibly rare. So they keep piling up with no use than to annoy us players on a daily basis.

Please do not wait any longer. Every release of a new event before you fixed that issue is just making players frustrated and angry.

There are plenty possible solutions for that issue. For example a possibility to disassemble duplicates into some crafting material which allows players to craft a hero of their own choosing (of any kind, ALL event heroes included!) would be awesome. You can design the exchange rate incredibly expensive, so you will benefit from it no matter what. :wink:

Or you invent a possibility to exchange event heroes for other heroes of the same event. There are many more ideas, please just pick one and bring it as soon as possible into the game. Please!

Here is the quote of the original post where staff @KiraSG announced that they will take care of the duplicate heroes issue:

So here is my question: When will this happen? May you please at least provide us with some information about the status of the development regarding this problem? @Petri @Staff_SGG :pray:

Or, if the staff doesn’t make it to this topic: would you please be so kind and ask them about it, when possible? @Guvnor :pray:


I’m wondering about the schedule for that too, or has the idea been dropped despite the statement that something viable would be done.

This is a weekly part of our conversation. Still no news.


Well, its pretty hard to find a solution to a problem they never intended to solve in the first place. They promised us something 2.5 years ago, then sabotaged it in every possible way. They simply told us what we wanted to hear but they never intended to make it real. Its just a lie. If they want to do something, it gets done. No one asked for the goblin balloon, the ninjas, the mythic titans or S4 yet they made these quickly so if they want to implement something it doesnt need years. They just DON’T WANT TO DO IT.


I think that people do not really realize how messed up the dupes problem is.

Imagine if heroes were actual cards. You buy blisters, spend money to get rare cards, dupes will follow. Imagine that the only way to use dupes is to use them to max another card (hero). However, this is only possible if you take the dupes you paid for and throw them in the toilet and flush them away.

Please just let us ask them nicely over and over again. It really is an urgent issue, but complaining will help up to nothing but will just get ignored. Let’s try asking. :pray:

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Thank you for your effort, @JonahTheBard! I hope there will be a change soon.


It’s really time for a solution.

It’s not as I’m not willing to spend some money in this game, it’s a commercial thing for sure. But I’m tired of receiving the same heroes over and over again.

What to do with a 5th Guin, but never getting BK?
What do do with a 2nd Garnet/Cobalt, but never getting another Ninja?
What to do with a 10th Sartana?
What to do with a 8th Uraeus?

I don’t complain about the chance getting valuable heroes, but the balance of their type.

So please give us a chance to avoid these senseless duplicates.

  • remove heros in Roster from summoning RNG, or

  • implement a platform for change heroes (2:1/3:1?) or

  • something else

HA might be nice, but doesn’t fit our needs.


Happy Hippo, dupes happen in all games like this one. I don’t think it’s a big deal and - whilst everyone prefers unique heroes, it is just unavoidable and happens the more heroes you got. I don’t think it’s helpful (or healthy) to get upset about little things like that. I’m actually quite happy to have 2 of of many heroes (except most S1 heroes). Either way, it’s just a minor inconvenience that comes with the game we play.

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Who said I was upset about it? It’s simply my opinion that the game mechanic is a steaming pile of :horse: :poop:. And I’m far from alone on that one…


I’m happy to have 2 of some heroes… I’m not happy to have 6 copies of Joon, what am I supposed to do with 6? Stop pulling is not an option, most of them came from TC20 and HA10. Can’t ascend them, don’t get enough AM to do that, feed them to another hero? What a waste, you get nothing for such a high hero. What about my 5 Elena’s? 5 Magni’s? First world problems, but still would like a solution other then feeding off to another hero for no real gain. Why do I have so many? Because SG promised us a solution… When and Where?

I love costume chambers heroes. It’s my favourite event, but it’s terrible when you get a five star heroe costume that you already have. Right know I have for 4 repeated five star heroes costume. Small giants should create a way tô exchange this costume in heroe academy or in the event itself.

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You’re right ofcourse. But in this game, for some reason, there are those who believe that they have certain rights as game players. I’ve never seen anything like it in all the other games I play. Mostly people just play games the way they are and delete them if they don’t like them. That is our only power. Everything else is up to the companies that own them.

The main problem is not that the duplicate issue exists. The main problem is that SG lied into our faces multiple times about solving it.


So I can see for you it is just like water off a ducks back, but for people with less luck or resources, it can be oil in a ducks feathers. I find it infuriating that 15% of my 5*s are Elenas or that another 10% are Master Lepus’. Considering the ridiculous odds of getting any 5 star, that is just a massive slap imo. :frowning:

I think allowing us to get non-dupe heroes should not be too much of a problem for SG. The heroes are still gated via ascension mats anyway. So for me id rather have X unique holy 5* heroes and then decide who to spend 6 darts on for example.

I hate the current HA10 solution. One change that would make it work for me is to allow multiple retrainings instead of just one a week. One a week is doing nothing to winnow down my large roster of dupes. So far it’s been 1) retrain a dupe 2) into another dupe 3) retrain that dupe…and so on. Just a kick in the pants from SG.


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